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3D Buzz, Inc has closed its doors - all content available for free

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by pyf, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. pyf


    Mar 21, 2016

    One may use the 3dbuzz.torrent file for downloading any or all of their available material. The subjects covered are:
    2D Artwork: 101
    2D Game Art for Non-Artists (free)

    3Ds Max - Legacy Video Training
    3ds Max 101
    3DS Max: How do I?
    3Ds Max: Modeling on the Fly - AT-AT
    3Ds Max: Modeling on the Fly - Viper

    After Effects: How Do I?

    AI Programming: Behavior Systems
    AI Programming: Pathfinding with A*

    App Development with ASP.net MVC

    Basic to Intermediate Scripting with C# with Alireza Khodakarami

    Blender 101 - Spring 2012
    Blender 102 - Summer 2012
    Blender Complete

    Building 2D games in C++ - A Beginners Introduction

    Building iPhone Applications from the Ground Up

    C# 101 - Spring 2012
    C# 101 - Spring 2013
    C# 102 - Spring 2012
    C# 103 - Summer 2012
    C# and XNA: How Do I?
    C# Video Reference

    C++ 101 - Spring 2012
    C++ 102 - Summer 2012

    Chibi Artwork

    Comprehensive ASP.NET MVC

    Creating 2D Games in Unity 4.5 (free)
    Creating a Custom 3rd-Person Character and Camera System with C#
    Creating Compelling Character Concepts
    Creating Concept Artwork
    Creating Plugins with Unreal 4

    CryEngine 3: A Comprehensive Introduction

    Daily Drop

    Developing Modular Rigging Systems with Python

    Developing Unity Games for the iPhone

    Doom 3 Modding

    Drawing 102 - Anatomy
    Drawing 103 - Fantasy Art
    Drawing: Steam Punk

    Far Cry Level Development

    Game Assets in 3DS Max - Volume 1
    Game Assets in 3DS Max - Volume 2

    Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS

    GIMP - An Introduction

    Half Life 2 Level Development

    HDRI Shader Development for Mantra

    Houdini - Legacy Series
    Houdini Advanced Character Rigging Volume 1
    Houdini Advanced Character Rigging Volume 2
    Houdini FastTrack - The Bridge Asset
    Houdini FastTrack - The Elevator Asset
    Houdini Fundamentals
    Houdini Technical Director Series - Volume I
    Houdini Technical Director Series - Volume II
    Houdini Technical Rigging Volume 1
    Houdini Technical Rigging Volume 2
    Houdini Technical Rigging Volume 3
    Houdini Technical Rigging Volume 4
    Houdini Technical Rigging Volume 5
    Houdini: How do I?

    Intense Crash Course in Objective-C

    Introduction to Android Development (Live Class: 2012)
    Introduction to Delphi
    Introduction to F#
    Introduction to Photon Server
    Introduction to Premiere (Maya ADP)
    Introduction to Subversion
    Introduction to Windows Phone 8 Development

    Learn to Draw 101

    Mastering 3ds Max: The Fundamentals - Introduction
    Mastering 3ds Max: The Fundamentals - Project 1 - The Talented Ball
    Mastering 3ds Max: The Fundamentals - Project 2 - When F-14s Attack
    Mastering 3ds Max: The Fundamentals - Project 3 - Dragon's First Birthday

    Mastering Maya: Advanced Digital Production
    Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals - Architecture
    Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals - Introduction
    Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals - The Abduction
    Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals - The Talented Ball
    Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals - When Mechs Attack

    Math Primer - Basic Mathmatics
    Math Primer - Intro to Trigonometry

    Mathematics: Volume I - Algebra
    Mathematics: Volume II - Trigonometry
    Mathematics: Volume III - Vectors

    Maya - Legacy Series
    Maya 101 - Summer 2012
    Maya Advanced Modeling
    Maya Dynamics
    Maya Fundamentals Workshop
    Maya Scripting
    Maya Technical Director
    Maya: How Do I?
    Maya: Modeling on the Fly - AT-ST
    Maya: Modeling on the Fly - Phaser
    Maya: Modeling on the Fly - Suzuki SV1000S

    MMO Development - Concept Art
    MMO Development Class
    MOBA MMO Playtest

    Mobile App Development with Android (2015)

    Modeling a Viper Mk VII

    Modern HTML and CSS for Designers and Developers
    Modern JavaScript
    Modern JavaScript 2 - Real World App Development

    Modern UI Development in Unity 4.6

    Motionbuilder Issue 1 - 6

    Nelson's Corner

    Objective-C: How do I?

    OpenGL In Depth

    Photoshop CS5 Fundamentals
    Photoshop for Non-Artists: Texture Libraries

    Practical Game Development in Unity 4: Level 1
    Practical Game Development in Unity 4: Level 2.1

    Premiere: How Do I?

    Python Technical Director
    Python: Creating a Simple Game
    Python: Creating Tools in Houdini

    Quixel Suite: An Introduction

    React.js: Building Production Ready Apps, Start to Finish
    Reactive JS: Are you ready for the next big paradigm shift?

    Realflow: How do I?

    Roboblitz (UT Tech)

    Sci Fi Drawing 101

    So You Think You Know JavaScript?

    Software Engineering in C++

    Techniques from the Masters

    Thomas Dodd: From Concept to Completion

    UDK: Fundamentals - Spring 2012
    UDK: How Do I?

    Unity 101 - Summer 2012
    Unity Asset Server: How do I?
    Unity Fundamentals
    Unity RPG API Core
    Unity Standard

    Unreal Development Kit In Depth
    Unreal Tournament 2004
    Unreal Tournament 3

    User Tracking and Analytics with Unity

    Using Modern JavaScript Today

    Web Design Volume 1
    Web Design Volume 2 - Introduction to PHP and MySQL

    Working with file streams in C++

    XNA Volume 1
    XNA Volume 2
    XNA Volume 3
    XNA: Drum Game
    XNA: Side Scroller

    ZBrush 101: The Fundamentals
    ZBrush Fundamentals

    3DBuzz was one of the original online learning resources for computer graphics, programming and game development, first launching way back in 2002. Until recently the site was completely commercial, with prices set on a per course basis or available under a monthly subscription.

    Sources and extra links:
    - 3DBuzz Shut Down And Release Content For Free - Gamefromscratch
    - 3DBuzz Closing Doors, All Content Released for Free : gamedev - Reddit

    3DBuzz - YouTube
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2020
  2. Feng Shui

    Feng Shui

    Aug 19, 2019
    200+ GBs worth of material right there.

    Cancer can obviously eat a dick, but that's a pretty cool legacy no matter how you slice it.

    Thanks for sharing.