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  1. tytarjunior20

    EPIC Single Player RPG - Showcase

    I still have tons left to do on development, but I've posted about my map before and I wanted to give everyone an update on where my project is at. The Game Features: An Epic Storyline, similar to the Legend of Zelda series Custom Resource Collection & Inventory System Custom Building/Crafting...
  2. Anton Wulff Jensen

    [General] How do I reduce lag on my map (Especially during combat)?

    So I've been working a long time on a huge RPG adventure map, and have started using a lot of triggers as well. I think I'm finally getting somewhat of a grip on the trigger-mechanics, however I am not too keen with what triggers that potentially could cause lag-spikes. Now when I'm testing the...
  3. tytarjunior20

    [Role Playing Game] Hero Quest (Working Title) Announcement

    Hello everyone. I've posted once on here before for my tutorial videos. I've decided to blend my personal project with making tutorials. My goal: Involve a community to watch as we develop a game I've wanted to make for over a decade. I started recently and I upload regularly to my youtube...
  4. Nain910

    [Role Playing Game] Horm Rpg

    Enjoy the threatened world of Horm. Take one of the many heroes and defeat with 5 more people the oppressive forces of evil. Horm Rpg is an adventure Rpg that focus on develop his own hero with 3 classic classes (Tank, Dps and Support), when strong enough you and your team can try to beat the...
  5. darciFromVIP

    [Role Playing Game] Nerugia Reborn

    Welcome to the Frozen Lands of Nerugia! I have decided to celebrate the launch of Warcraft 3 Reforged and make a Reforged version of my old map, available here: Nerugia v1.6 - Lost Secrets Though, it's gonna look a whole lot different now. It's gonna be a cooperative Adventure RPG, where you...
  6. titans_zealot

    Choose Your Own Adventure - custom map idea

    Is there a warcraft 3 map that is like a Choose Your Own adventure game? Like those text adventures. I was thinking of a map where the player picks a choice and a in game camera cinematic is played displaying actions in the story, so I wonder if there are any custom maps like this? If there...
  7. redmoth

    Furi beta v1.0b

    Join the discord: Join the RedCraft Discord Server! You are locked up, for eternity. Kill the jailers. They are the keys. Regain your freedom! Fight amazing bosses, hand picked killing machines designed to keep you locked up! Enjoy voice-acted cinematics and unique, fast paced gameplay! 1 to...
  8. pyf

    Deponia: the complete Journey free on the Humble Store (limited time offer)

    For a limited time, get a free copy of Deponia: The Complete Journey when you subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter. Offer expires on January 26 10AM PT / 1 PM ET Deponia: The Complete Journey is provided via Steam key for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For key redemption, a free Steam account is...
  9. pyf

    What remains of Edith Finch free on the Epic Games Store (time limited offer)

    To get a copy of the game, you must sign in to your Epic Games account. Offer expires on January 24th. What remains of Edith Finch - Epic Games store What Remains of Edith Finch - Wikipedia
  10. pyf

    A Story About My Uncle: free on the Humble Store (limited time offer)

    For a limited time, get a free copy of A Story About My Uncle when you subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter. The game is provided via Steam Key. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required to play. Get A Story About My Uncle for free The deal ends on January 12 at 10:00 AM PST...
  11. Tom_Almighty1

    Project Low Poly

    Project Low Poly You and your team will enjoy the beauty of an open world low poly game created in Warcraft III Engine. Your goal is to gather everything you need to survive in a game full of both peaceful and dangerous wild creatures that lurk everywhere. This game was heavily inspired by a...
  12. Foronisus

    [Development] Alan Sharp - Story-driven, Mystery/horror game

    About the game Alan Sharp is a first person, story-driven adventure/horror game, focused on exploration,survival,puzzles and open-world investigation. Story You play the game as Alan Sharp, one of the finest private detectives in the 1970s, now retired and emotionally shattered due to the...
  13. justTobby

    Dungeon Siege II Plains of Tears

    Hello fans of Dungeon Siege and everyone else lately I have been working on map, that contains reworked version of game called Dungeon Siege II Link for the newest update: Dungeon Siege II BETA v0.2c THIS IS JUST DEMO - NOT A COMPLETE MAP, finished like 15% of whole content (two quests)...
  14. BrianBarsaski

    Grand Theft Auto Warcraft Edition™

    Welcome to the one of the most ambitious map in Warcraft III! (The images in the logo are in-game captures, except Tommy Vercetti and the girl, of course) First, sorry if my English in this post aren't perfect, I'm learning now. I want to show you my new project, Grand Theft Auto Warcraft...
  15. Emm-A-

    [Role Playing Game] Emm-A-s Harvest Moon for Warcraft III

    Created by Emm-A- Hi Everybody, this is an RPG-like multiplayer adventure/farming game, based on the game series "Harvest Moon". There is an early version available now! Please test it and feel free to leave comments. The map is protected at the moment, until I have the time to provide the...
  16. gusanomental

    Kobold Escape! v1.35