Grand Theft Auto Warcraft Edition™

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Aug 31, 2016
Welcome to the one of the most ambitious map in Warcraft III!


(The images in the logo are in-game captures, except Tommy Vercetti and the girl, of course)

First, sorry if my English in this post aren't perfect, I'm learning now.

I want to show you my new project, Grand Theft Auto Warcraft Edition, a giant sandbox based in the popular saga Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games.

After months of creation, the complete edition of this amazing map is close of its release.
The map have more than 500 imported objects included textures, models, sounds, songs and other things. Yep, 500. Its size now is over 55 megabytes and for now DON'T HAVE MISSIONS. Just have some systems and the mapping.

The map features around 40 different vehicles included boats, cars, planes and helicopters. Also it have special vehicles like war tanks, etc. Most vehicles can be purchased by the player with the money of the game. Every vehicle have different speed of course.


As well, there is a train can be taken in the available stations only when the train is in it. The train system made by me moves perfectly every wagon for the railways and transport the player to the next destiny with fantastic cinematics in the travel.


Maybe you don't see it, but the graphics of this map is superior that an any map in Warcraft III. Why? It's because ALL TEXTURES used in map were edited to increase the details, contrast, definition and colors. I cannot show you a graphic comparison, but believe in me, it looks much better that normally.

The strong of Grand Theft Auto Warcraft are the visual impact, the realism, the artistic beauty, the mapping and the audiovisual production. Its aim is to create a proposal never seen before, something different, maybe not so much from the triggers.

Speaking about the visuals, the mapping have a big city, a little town, large natural spaces, lakes, rivers, forests, factories, squares, mountains, beaches, airports, cemeteries, prisons, secret bases and many, many more places to explore. Here are some images, in some of they there's not people or vehicles, don't worry, it's because the images are taked from the editor (ignore the route obstacles):
















Some places looks very simple, but I can not change it more, I exhausted the limit of complements on the map (8192) and the file size is crazy.

There is the minimap.


The main character is nothing more and nothing less than Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto Vice City! But in this Grand Theft Auto, his story are very different.


The map contains a variety of missions. It is not confirmed, but will be around 30 different missions, variety of characters, the epic cinematics and the action are guaranteed. There will be a kind of special mission, which of course will increase the difficulty and things to do. These missions will be the heists, which consist of attack specific sites that are not easy, like the Prison, a Bank, the Restricted Area, etc. The reward for completing each heists will be very high.


Tommy Vercetti can punching, shoot and throw grenades. Also he can buy properties on all the map, and change her clothes (I don't show images for now because isn't ready right now) with 9 different apparel.

There are many more interesting things that will not reveal for now. That is just a presentation.

Q: And when is the release date?
A: Last days of september or firsts days of october.

Q:And what about the online?
A: Yeah, it's complicated. But anyway, I will create the online mode. It will have races, missions, deathmatches, HEISTS, adittionaly you can buy vehicles and change the clothes. In the online all players starts with a character created by me customizable. I know that a map of 55 megabytes cannot have online, but anyway I will create for LAN mode, and if you can play it online, cool. The online will come a few days after the original map.

What do you think about this map? Do you want to play it?
Comment, I would appreciate it. :)

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We really need more of these LoaP projects. It's a great idea and could spark off massive market like DotA did. I had this idea: RPG/Sims/FarmVille

Keep it up!