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King Mammon

King Mammon

One of the 13 Kings of Hell, and also one of the 3 Chaos Naga demons ruling over all infernal creatures from his throne within the walls of DIS (https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/dis-hell.124201/full?d=1550334297)
King Mammōn - The Auric Star
Souvering and Ruler of Greed
Avatar of Everlasting Riches
A.K.A. The Golden Serpent

Here's a funny pic of him, screaming at his minions: King Mammon #2

Currently writing his backstory and setting up important stuff.

He hungers for gold, gems, but mostly feathers.

The ones you see aren't his, but angels' instead... which were used as part of his Royal Mantle (Decoration).
The big ones on his neck and shoulders were taken from Dominions and Principalities, while the ones underneath were taken from Zealots and Heralds.

He's rather envious of the King of Violence, however, whose crown is adorned with Seraphim feather instead... and it's no mere Seraphim, but the Heavenly Council's Grandmaster Lother: Grandmaster Lother (who I'm redesigning a bit to fit the new lore)
Your artworks are really rich with details! :D
I also really like the idea of a demon decorating himself with angelic feathers

The only thing that I find a bit odd is his scepter. It's not exactly straight and it looks like it breaks into two parts where his hand is
The scepter does look cool though, no doubts about that!
@xISLx yeahh I used a ruler but something must have gone wrong as I was adding the serpents around it. I'll fix it with photoshop for the colored version.

Fun fact is, this magical scepter can also transform into some kind of energy spear whenever he needs going melee.

Also, since he has 6 arms I could come up with more weapons too. Curved swords are the cliche weapons.

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