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  1. Armelior_is_back

    [SD/Misc] [icon] coral demon (naga siren skin)

    Hello, I'm currently working on my new campaign : Tale of Melusine found here I'm using this naga siren skin : link to the skin for one of the demon's units, but I didn't find any icon that fits. If anyone could make one, I would be grateful and of course credit you.
  2. Snipaste_2023-08-07_00-23-17.png


    Except for the well, Roost, and Hunter Hall, which belong to Ujimasa Hojo, I have re edited the skins of all the other ancient trees. In the future, making battle maps will come in handy.
  3. Xelos

    [Solved] incorrect position of demon head

    Hi pals, use new version of demon to summon and he use good head position in birth animations but in others animations his head is down hope is no big problem and please is posible for somebody good to fix, slowly working on project of satyrs melee race and sumonable demons + others stuffs is...
  4. Armelior_is_back

    [Campaign] The tale of Melusine

    Hello, I'm currently finishing the 1st map of my new project : Tale of Melusine It's gonna be a 5 maps campaign a bit like Dwarf campaign : big long maps that are somewhat linked but not as much as a "classic" campaign. Except you will play as the titular character in each one. It doesn't...
  5. WC3ScrnShot_081723_211834_000.png


    The Legion invading Argus, home world of the Draenei.
  6. DemoSeaTurtle.png


  7. Burning Legion Heroes

    Burning Legion Heroes

    - Defiler (Morphs into: Ascended form) - Deceiver - Hound Master (Summons: Fel Hounds) - Pit Lord (Summons: Doomguard) - Dread Lord (Summons: Infernal)
  8. Belakor.png


    Tried to make Belakor, a demon from the warhammer fb universe. It remains to animate it, but I have no idea how to do it at all. Wish me luck.
  9. FallenArchMage.png


    Join the Devil.
  10. Demon Gaint.png

    Demon Gaint.png

    Demon Gaint
  11. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Modeling] Adding a Slam animation to this custom Infernal model

    I'm not keen with adding animations, or transferring existing animation to a different model. Since I think any golem unit could have a slam attack/spell animation, I was wondering if anyone could transfer that animation to a similar-looking unit, the Infernal. But the compressed ZIP file...
  12. Armelior_is_back

    [SD/Misc] [icon] undead doom guard

    Hello, I'm currently updating my rise of the lich king remake again and I'm searching for an icon for the undead version of doom guards that the Scourge is using in my campaign. This guy : Here is the link to the skin : skull demon skin on the hive with a closeup image of the face If anyone...
  13. Legends of Arkain-Lisara (XNALARA).png

    Legends of Arkain-Lisara (XNALARA).png

    An attempt to create a fanart of Succubus Lisara from the Legends of Arkain by Shar Dundred with XNALARA Posing Studio 11.8 and the models that are available for use.
  14. Demonians.png


  15. Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

    Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

  16. Red Thrall: The Red Thrall - Sagrosan Dulon

    Red Thrall: The Red Thrall - Sagrosan Dulon

  17. Broxigar the red

    Broxigar the red

  18. Illidan Undead

    Illidan Undead

  19. Illidan Undead

    Illidan Undead

  20. Heroes at first tavern of Dark Side on Dota map

    Heroes at first tavern of Dark Side on Dota map

    Twelve new icons at first tavern of Dark Side on Dota map. Some of them you can find at my resource section.
  21. Wingless Pitlord for Dota Map

    Wingless Pitlord for Dota Map

    Mannoroth's pink skin without wings. Brand new Ghouls at the back
  22. Lycanthrope from Dota map

    Lycanthrope from Dota map

    Lycanthrope skin used: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/lycan-lycanthrope-kiljaeden-skin-dota-2-style.340135/ Icon can be found here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/lycan-lycanthrope-kiljaeden-icon.340639/
  23. Dark Elf Camp

    Dark Elf Camp

  24. Nether Forge

    Nether Forge

  25. Nether Citadel Thrones

    Nether Citadel Thrones

  26. Momolightrue

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money?

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money? I got the ideas all set for the Demon, Naga, and Corrupted races in text schematic forms, while I am still working on the Draenei race to complete it... These ideas are...
  27. old_gil

    [HD/Modeling] Fel Trolls and Fel Ogres

    I always thought it was kind of dumb how in outland all the orcs are transformed into giant spikey demon orcs, but there are no sign of any Fel Forest Trolls or any Fel Ogres. Let's be honest, I think everybody would like to see some demon trolls running around. I've tried to do it myself but...
  28. Demon Hunter

    Demon Hunter

    Re-ripping him, polishing details
  29. Stormvarsel29

    [Campaign] Trip the Darkness

    A custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged by Storm DOWNLOAD HERE The goal of this campaign is to create something new and exciting while not becoming overly complicated. For me, that means new stories told through gameplay that is somewhat close to what is in the original game, Warcraft 3...
  30. demon_model_mannoroth_helmet.png


    Yet another model from a map that arconte saurio (carkenny on moddb) showed in a video many years ago, and which I still wish I would find.
  31. Ornasion the Destroyer from Legends of Arkain

    Ornasion the Destroyer from Legends of Arkain

    A fanart of my favorite demon from legends of Arkain.
  32. Ebira of the Souleater Legion

    Ebira of the Souleater Legion

    A fan art of one of the demons of legends of Arkain. And I know that's Lotta of up there.
  33. Fel Burning Legion buildings

    Fel Burning Legion buildings

    -first version of the Burning Legion buildings that I will use for my next map -The skin belongs to Ether with minor modifications of mine. please leave your comment or suggestion....
  34. Doom


    Gameplay teaser, new version
  35. Doom Mephisto

    Doom Mephisto

    New boss for my map Doom. I lost the battle...
  36. DOOM Pentagram Teaser

    DOOM Pentagram Teaser

    This is how you will get the new guns, which I add to the map soon :)
  37. Fat Dread Lord

    Fat Dread Lord

    No comments XD
  38. Varimathras(Portrait)


    Portrait of a dreadlord. Changed the camera position, also added teeth and fangs. They can be seen when the demon opens his mouth during a response to a command or dialogue scenes
  39. Varimathras(Complete)


    The final version of Varimathras. Replaced wings and changed hands
  40. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras(Back)

    Back view, "stitches" removed Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  41. Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Devious Dread Lord/Varimathras

    Redesign of the original Dreadlord based on Warcraft Reforged and concept-art. Within the style of the classics.
  42. Lich: comparison with the original

    Lich: comparison with the original

    Lich in comparison with the two original models. Does not mix well. Can serve as a replacement for the original, or a variation of an existing one.
  43. There are two types of Priestesses.png

    There are two types of Priestesses.png

    The Night Elves' Priestess of the Moon (Top) and The Republic's Priestess of the Damned (Bottom)
  44. Light And Dark

    Light And Dark

    Two priestesses, two different worlds. Light Priestesses bring healing and care, while Dark Priestesses bring chaos and desire.
  45. Melee_Units_Races_Size_Comparison_WarCraft_First_War_Memorium


    Melee units of the 7 races in 'First War Memorium', sorted by size. Ogres and Demons train single big units, all other races train squads of 6.
  46. ravellani

    Metamorphasis Skin Path

    I am trying to design a demon hero and I want to use the model that the demon hunter turns into when he uses Metamorphosis. I have been searching everywhere for a model path. Does anyone know what it is? I have looked at what the demon hunter turns into in the editor but when the game runs it...
  47. Shiny Huntsman

    Shiny Huntsman

    A not-so-grimdark version of the character, with shiny clean armor 'n shieeet.
  48. Next little fun project

    Next little fun project

    Giving color to the demonic huntsman fella from prior artworks. I was debating between a black+red or red+golden armor, but decided the later in the end, mostly because he's a Violence demon :D
  49. jk4t63p4f


  50. King Mammon

    King Mammon

    One of the 13 Kings of Hell, and also one of the 3 Chaos Naga demons ruling over all infernal creatures from his throne within the walls of DIS (https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/dis-hell.124201/full?d=1550334297)