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Coming up with a bunch of artworks expanding the lore even more. An early draft of the megadaemon race (serf caste), a scene with a succubus character 'being born' and embracing Violence and Wrath. King Alaster (Realm of Wrath), and a gathering of sorts between the 5 Kings (the 3 serpents in it too)
@xISLx Indeed it is a ton of work, and many thanks for your appreciation :)
Something worth mentioning is that, usually, these artworks are linked into each other in some way.

For example, the one where the succubus appears is linked with this: Finish Him and Flashback | HIVE, and obviously this: Ashkiss (COLORED)

The Wrath King's royal coat shares some similarities to his brother (Violence)'s Hellish King - Violence since Wrath's avatar rises from the Styx and Violence does so from the Phlegethon, meaning the "fabrics" of the coat are made of black water and blood respectively. Also, you don't see it but there are people in that black coat (The Sullen)

I should also mention his appearance is kinda like a demonic Leatherface xD (lot's of demonic 'leather' in his outfit)

I'm about to finish the 4th drawing in a moment so all of them should be in my dA in the next 1-2 hours :D
@xISLx I don't see any way to rate it. This is AMAZING work. Who made the original artwork? It could have been up to three separate images stitched together. Curious. I see the links later, but I don't know enough about Deviant Art to click any.
@ZethHolyblade Cool! I don't know enough about DRM and IP to comment on whether that proves you are the author. Just curious. Not attacking you. As I said b4, I don't take links to websites I don't trust. No offense. I don't know you beyond what I can see on your profile. Hmm. Ok, you probably made that. I don't have enough information to say for sure. I'd need to ask someone who understands the systems better lol. Not worried about it - it's GREAT artwork. Not my job to police whether someone is providing it outside the framework of Copyright. :p

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