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Arise, Ashkiss

Arise, Ashkiss

Not the sexiest artwork out there but oh well
A larger resolution and proper lore at Arise, Ashkiss as always :D

This artwork, along with every single one I uploaded recently, it's adding up to the list of pending works I need to color
Dude. That takes skill. Damn. That is AMAZING. I always sucked at drawing lol. Who is the original artist, if I may ask? Did you make this awesome piece of work?! :D
@Togra_blah Indeed I did. Blue ink ball-pen as the base artwork and then gave it some colors, brights and shades using photoshop.

I'll color this piece properly eventually. The Succubus, though she's naked, is supposed to look like this: Ashkiss (COLORED)
I admit.... I don't know exact policy on nudity here on THW. I think she's sufficiently covered within reason. I LOVE the image, don't know who made it originally - probably you - and wasn't sure if I should report it for the nudity. Meh. I rated it b/c I love the artwork. The rest is someone else's area. :) Bah. There's some political bs here. That was the first hit I got for the video tho, so eh. Remove it if offensive/inappropriate here. Ok bah. In my rush I clicked one of your Deviant Art links. This is yours & amazing. Dayam.
It was a woman? Heh, from the last one I thought it was a younger man especially with those abdominal muscles so obvious.
@deepstrasz Oh. Sorry. I worded that poorly. My mistake. I meant the artwork that Zeth posted was theirs. The video from spongebob is what I was talking about in regards to the political bs/first hit I got with my search terms. I'll fix the miscommunication later.
@deepstrasz Ohhh, sorry. I misunderstood. My apologies. Lotta stuff going on atm. I tend to focus on one venue at a time. Thank you for the clarification! :)
@deepstrasz women can get abs too :D but I guess I could later fix a few things to make it mire noticeable. However, if you watch carefully you will notice the massive scar in the middle.

@Togra_blah no genitals nor nipples parts are being show so I guess it will be fine xD

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