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Expanding and defining the lore in a story also requires working on the Beastiary xD
For every demon or fiend I'll be using in the story, I'll be making their respective artwork in my spare time (ya that's a lot :D) as well as overall charts like this.
I've only made a single warcraft map... but time is always against me to complete and fix every single bug :(

As for 'a project', its story is spread in 6 Episodes

1st episode shows ZH fighting off demons in human form, and through some flashbacks you get to see his backstory and how he turned into one. Episode ends with him trapped in hell during a secret counter-espionage mission as a demonic civil war sparks.

2nd episode shows a bigass invasion of the human world, ZH escapes his hellish prison and torture and rejoins his allies from the 1st one. At the end they defeat a bunch of exiled hellish lords and kings... but looses most of his friends along the way.

3rd episode ZH returns again a few centuries later to address some unfinished bussinesses. Other major stuff regarding a conspiracy involving heaven-hell takes place and though he defeats his enemies, he falls... as in Fall to hell turned into a demon.

4th episode is about him surviving in hell and whether liberating (good side storyline) or conquering (bad side storyline), not to mention that the allies he made in the previous episode try to stop him but die by his hand. The climax involves him becoming the Unholy Emperor of Hell and launching a Heavenly siege in which the bad guys who betrayed him are slain. Depending on the storyline chosen he may redeem himself ( Heavenly Duel ), fight off his evil self and push of the Hellish horde or something else.

5th episode shows him in exile with his family, happy and enjoying life as his friends always wanted him to. Some stuff takes place that requires him to return. His evil self reappears as well and more questions about the conspiracy rise up. New interesting characters join the story too :D

6th episode.... let's say shit hits the fan ( Life and Death ), really bad. A third faction appears, one orchestrating everything from behind the scenes and poised in eradicating life, hence Heaven and Hell need to join forces in order to survive. As for ZH, his personality needs to devolve to his past marauding self in order to save his wife and pretty much all creation.

We shall have to see. The idea of a project would involve each episode (Campaign) being connected with each other, especially the first three.
@Mechanical Man mostly hack slash rpg solo. Sometimes with a few companions at the same time, or spread out.

Occasionally as part of an army, especially in the climax of the 4th episode but not to the extent of being like a RTS / melee map.

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