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Had to resize the image a bit. There's the original blue ink job, the initial upload, and the color palette on.
I picked golden for Xemphos' skin since he's meant to be a 'Greed' demon (though I may use a lighter/paler tone), or one born in the Greed realm of hell. His armor is a mix of golden and dark purple which are colors often used to depict or hint at royalty.

As per usual, I only need adding the proper brights and shades, as well as a background, to make it look less flat.
Wait, so your fantasy version of Hell is also divided into seven deadly realms? :confused:
And, let me guess, with Wrath-born demons being the most numerous ones so the demons could have an army? :D

As for your artwork, I usually show your works to my friends, because they are really impressive;
The fact that you draw such detailed drowings with just pen is simply mind-blowing! And seeing the actual process of their creation is even more so! :D
@xISLx Heeey, long time, and thanks again for your appreciation :D

Part of the lore was explained here: Setting up Stuff

Not 7, but 13 kingdoms or realms.


Long story short, Hell used to be ruled by one Emperor, the equivalent of Satan you may say, who (officially) died battling the one leader of Heaven. Afterward, his thirteen disciples ascended as Kings and ruled over Hell itself... The three most 'loyal' of the bunch, the 'Three Serpents' or 'Viperian Triumvirate' became the main rulers within the walls of Dis (the Capital).

The kings/kingdoms are... Violence, Corruption, Sorrow, Pride, Lust, Wrath, X, Sloth, X, Envy, Greed, Heresy, Fraud (The serpents are the last three, and influence every other kingdom except for Violence).

The strongest, but also less numerous, demons are the ones in Violence, who are constantly warring among themselves and against invaders from other kingdoms. Not to mention that the Violence King ( Hellish King - Violence ) is the only one openly opposing the treacherous Serpents' agenda, meaning that his kingdom is the least protected one from angelic raids.

Yeah, I'm still missing two kingdoms, one under the influence of Sin and another under Greed.
No Treachery kingdom, that one will be a surprise.
Sounds interesting! I'll keep an eye out for post of yours :D

Initally I too wanted to make the demons from my story represent a certain number of evils (seven deadly sins), but then I decided to equate them to the forces of pure Chaos instead of Evil
If you look at my Demon race, you will see four heroes standing in the front. At the very early stages of development, they were just called (left to right) Chaos Lord, Blood Lord, Pain Lord, and the Doom Lord.
The first three heroes represent the primary forces of Hell - Destruction, Conflict and Agony, while the fourth hero is the Archdemon who combines all 3 of those forces within himself (He is also supposed to be the main hero of the demon campaign, if I ever make one)
Later on, I changed the hero names to Ragefire, Highlord, Pit Lord and the Doombringer, but the main concept is still the same

I actually wrote a lot about the nature of my demons: about the special features of their souls, how they can gain power by devouring the souls of sentient beings, how a demon's soul is an indestructable vessel for such power, and finally, what happens when a demon dies and how they are "reborn" after losing all their memories, intelligence and personality

But with all of that lore, I still haven't figured out their society yet :D
I only know that they will have the "Might is Right" hierarchy, where the demon with the most Soulpower is the one to rule
The main problem is, however, that all the demons treat each other as the hunter treats its prey - They can consume the souls of each other, stealing their brethrens' power to progress through the food chain, which results in the life of a demon being a constant battle for survival, where the stronger survives and the weaker is brought to the Infernal Womb by the winds of Hell

It's impossible to build a society in such world, yet, they need to somehow get an army that can invade the surface world for the sake of campaign :D
@xISLx I just saw them and indeed they and their bg lore are very interesting.

In my case, demons are evil and chaotic by nature and building their society in a way that makes sense is hard.

Their Emperor sort of kept things in 'order' by letting them be themselves but also directing their ire onto the angels and their Highlord or heavenly father.

My version of hell is using stuff as the divine comedy for references, though I haven't include the Treachery circle or kingdom outright because... Well it's pretty much everywhere:
- The Emperor betrayed the Highlord.
- 12 of the 13 disciples betrayed their master and became kings. (Violence, being the most faithful, chaotic, powerful and independant realm of them all remained a loyal disciple but is often acknowledged as a king).
- The tree serpents are constantly backstabbing each other and plotting to lure other kings into their fold (especially those amidst the border of their kingdoms).
- The Lords and families in each kingdom (except for Violence) are constantly vying to ascend in their masters' inner circles and even colluding with other kingdoms to achieve more power and favor, if needed be. (If you're wondering, the Violence Lords are more brutally honest, they just want their King dead and usurp his place....and he's more than happy to battle them).
- Denizens are too competing to escape servitude and reach higher places in their society. Those who cannot, vent their frustrations on the trapped souls of humans and other lesser demons.

Setting that sort of stuff, coherently, can be a messy task.

You mention reincarnation, in a way, that too is a theme I'm sort of exploring here as an important aspect of the story since...

Angels and Demons are immortal but when slain their souls return to their respective planes of existence and have a chance of reincarnating anew. Whether they remain the same individual or not really depends on the entity itselfand their respective master

Over the recent millenia of warfare this has changed however..first with the angels whose numbers have been dwindling faster than the demons' making them somewhat more ''cautious" as the chances of them returning are lower each day.

This halts or slows down the war efforts on each side.

The angels are not so saintly either and a dark plot is also discovered and explored by the main character who grows more paranoid and so on.
Well yeah, I think it is hard to make it logical

Afterall, demons and angels are nothing like your usual elves and dwarves. They aren't just fantasy races, they are the forces of Order and Chaos, of good and evil
So they shouldn't necessarily have the same human features such as culture or society

However, I do think that it would be nice for them to have features that make them, not exactly realistic, but believable

Something that makes you think "it would make perfect sense for them to do so"
@xISLx yeahh, I've had to tackle many subjects and questions for my story like..

- Why are they fighting?
- Is the war following its natural course or has it been tampled with?
- How are they created and what are their purpose?
- Are they born with a purpose or carve their own from the world around them?
- Are they all the same? Are they individualistic/selfish or collectivistic/selfless?
- Do they need substinance to exist?
- Can they be crippled or maimed?
- Can they deny their nature and switch sides?
- Why is there a second race of celestial beings and how different are they than the angels?
- What is the Crimson Heart located at the outskirts of heaven and how does it transforms angels into avengers.
- How do they percieve humans?
- Do they enter the world of Man?
- Can they all do it with ease or are there restrictions/barriers?
- What is the extend of their influence on humans?

And a ton more xD

The third (and secret faction) are more straight forward, but won't reveal themselves until the very final story arc where (hopefully) countless more questions and themes get answered.

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