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Family visit

Family visit

A scene introducing the Kings of Heresy and Fraud (Lotan and Aphoph, brothers of Mammon) as well as Corruption (Bael), among other characters :D
@ZethHolyblade don't keep your hand on the dagger under your cloak.
@deepstrasz you meant the dark green king on the right? It's a spider Fang actually :D

But he's not the only one involved. There are more hints around the middle.
@ZethHolyblade Let's see. I spotted two immediately. I'd be curious to know if I missed any and how many at some point. No urgency. 1. The Axe he is somewhat concealing with his scale mail armor. 2. The smaller units/army at his feet. That is AMAZING artwork! (cue voice of the River Spirit thing in Spirited Away) Well done!
@Togra_blah hehe thanks.

King Mammon is the golden serpent holding the scepter thing (axe) The troops below are loyal to him although their colors are subtly mixed with the other king on the right, which is fitting since that king represents corruption.

There's something else going on at the middle of the scene though.
@ZethHolyblade I don't see any obvious hints, so my mind starts going all over the place :D

Is it somehow connected with those small glowing orbs?
Another guess is the medium golden serpent in the middle (I mean, he's right at the middle of the whole scene, and the white serpent is holding his hand with his head, meaning that something happens there)

In both cases, I could see a play on the Judas kiss :D
@xISLx oh that? It's just good old uncle Fraud, weak and shriveled, slithering up to his favorite nephew the Prince of Greed, with the help of his cane (odd), and saying hi (check his glowing angel-skin robes)

Nothing bad it's gonna happen.

Btw the orbs the three serpents have are like their halos (Their Stars)

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