1. AnyNameYouWish

    How to make a unit only able to move in deep water?

    I'm making a Naga RPG and I have changed submerged units to be able to move, and move faster than they do on land. There are two problems I'm running into: 1. I have set the submerged unit's movement types to 'float', but they can still move in shallow water. I want them to only be able to...
  2. Harbinger Heroes

    Harbinger Heroes

    - Tide Lord (Summons: Eldritch Guard) - Sea Witch - Enchantress - Mindflayer (Summons: Faceless Ones) - Void Lord (Summons: Void Walker)
  3. UHSFA: The Harbingers

    UHSFA: The Harbingers

  4. Murloc Building Pack Completed!!!

    Murloc Building Pack Completed!!!

    After taking like 2 weeks of making and experimenting, Murloc building pack have finally complete it's set! Go check it out at Leave a comment if you feel not satisfied and enjoy these pack. :)
  5. Momolightrue

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money?

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money? I got the ideas all set for the Demon, Naga, and Corrupted races in text schematic forms, while I am still working on the Draenei race to complete it... These ideas are...
  6. Banelingline

    [SD/Modeling] Classic-style "canon" Naga unit models?

    Naga Lords have this High Warlord Naj'entus made to exemplify them, but after that, canonical Naga units beyond their introduction set seems extremely sparse for non-Reforged play. There's a vague kitbash for the Naga Brute, but not its "proper" ape-like layout, and there seems to be no such...
  7. Majordomo Executus

    Majordomo Executus

  8. Miss-Lightbringer

    [General] Problem with entangled gold mine

    Hello, first of all english is not my native language so I will try to explain my self the best I can, please be patient. I replaced the NE race with naga, since I dont know how to make AI, I edited every single NE unit to be exact as the naga race. That worked so far when I tested with...
  9. Second level barracks and shops.jpg

    Second level barracks and shops.jpg

    My personal new race map, this is Naga building.
  10. raging tide naga hall.jpg

    raging tide naga hall.jpg

    My personal new race map, this is the Naga hall.
  11. Homor

    [Altered Melee] Simple Naga Race Template

    Hi, I'd like some feedback on this little project I'm working on. Its a race template for an extended version of the Naga, with its own techtree and new units. I'd like some feedback on whether the race is fun to play and if its balanced properly. You can find it here. The gameplay for the map...
  12. emmpsych

    Hero Glow request

    Can someone put Hero Glow on this Naga Medusa Model. I just want it to use on my personal custom map. I hope you can help me guys, thankyou
  13. ToymachineHW

    Searching for a specific map with Naga race and bosses

    Hey guys! My first post here. I have played a map couple of years ago that I've found here with Naga race and a lot of huge big bosses around the map. I have tried searching all over the internet, mostly here, but no luck, however I did recognize that the core of that map was Emerald Gardens...
  14. Concordiaa

    Recommended Reforged Naga Models?

    Hello. I was curious on if there was some models of Naga Structures/units for Reforged that someone would recommend? I was wanting to make the Naga Race fully fleshed out, and potentially playable. Thank you
  15. Sylande Starlight

    [Altered Melee] Improved Night Elf Race

    Improved Night Elf Race So hello guys! I am currently working for a Improved Night Elf Race.. I also added Blood Elves and the Forsaken(mixed with naga).. I am not really done yet I am currently working for it.. Features: New skins and models New abilities New units New Techtree Credits: To...
  16. Darkside Moderator

    Shapeshifting into a Snap Dragon?

    So I'm trying to create a new Druid unit that turns into "Aquatic Form". I want the Druid to be able to shapeshift into a creature that uses the Naga Snapdragon model, however every time I shapeshift or place that unit into the map already shapeshifted, it always shows the submerged model, not...
  17. bobadoo2

    Who is a fan of 2 Player Co-op? (heres my custom maps)

    While everyone is playing Fortnite my brother and I are still Warcraft III'n instead:D Who is a fan of 2 player co-op? Who still plays with their best friend or with family members? I have found I rather play co-op with headsets vs the computer, cause the computer never leaves the game on us...
  18. jk4t63p4f


  19. King Mammon

    King Mammon

    One of the 13 Kings of Hell, and also one of the 3 Chaos Naga demons ruling over all infernal creatures from his throne within the walls of DIS (
  20. SeTh_WC3

    Warcraft 3 creators cups

    Hello everyone ! I want to create a project related to custom race making and tech tree development. I would like to launch a very special serie of cups with a prizepool for Warcraft 3 competitive players in which competitors can pick a custom race ! The format of the cups will be 2on2 with a...
  21. Kreald

    Naga Hero Request

    I'm new to this so I apologise in advance if I'm meant to pay for requests but I am working on this project with a few friends and I need an Agility Based Naga Hero is a trollish God of Storms and is wielding either a trident or a type of harpoon please if possible If you do carry out my request...
  22. M

    Naga Crest for loading screen

    Edited Crests appear in the top right corner of loading screens in campaign missions. Crests are basically logos of WC3 races. An example of crest : Google Image Result for
  23. DaveDave91

    Underwater Temple Terrain

    Hello! I want to share this screenshots of my Underwater map :) If you want to see more: Underwater Temple Download available!
  24. BrazilEmperor

    Naga Buildings Links

    Hi folks! i'm working to make my melee map with custom races, and for now, i need some Naga Buildings, in this source website, i don't have founded too much models, Do you knows where i can found buildings packs of this race? others websites of warcraft iii resources,etc? Thanks for Help and...
  25. DaveDave91

    Submarine Ambientation SCREENSHOTS

    I was doing a lot of "architecture" let's say, in the editor and I was already wanting to do something with nature, but this time I did both, a temple sunk in the depths of the sea and the underwater nature and with the creatures that claimed the place.
  26. deepstrasz

    [Spell] Submerge with abilities? (~SOLVED)

    I can't seem to make it so that my submerged hero to have any other spells on but the emerge (reverse of submerge). Is it possible to retain all spells on which are on the unit before using submerge? Details: I just copied the Lady Vashj unit and set it as Special. Then copied the Myrmidon...
  27. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Vashj submerged version with movement, please?

    Basically, I need Lady Vashj submerged like the Myrmidon, Naga Royal Guard and/or Snap Dragon. This means, you can use their submerged version but the portrait has to be that of Vashj. One more thing, while moving the model needs too look the same as submerged. Please and thanks.
  28. NagaV2


    Naga Race Tier-1
  29. NagaCrop


    Naga Race Preview Thumbnail
  30. Kowalzky

    Cant progress anymore

    So, after i get the moon key and i destroy the cube that's behind the gate, i go to to the giant gate that should open now but it doesnt. Am i missing something? I'm soloing with naga btw
  31. Mr.Rious

    Could anyone fix this icon?

    BTNNagaGate It's DISBTN icon looks the same as it's BTN icon.
  32. Mr.Rious

    Night Elf TF Campaign Screen edited

    I'm making Naga Campaign and I need Campaign Screen made out of Night Elf Campaign Screen. All I'm asking for is to erase Elf Archer and change sky to Lordearon Summer Sky.
  33. EhrGhoul

    Sea lich

    I need lich model with some sea stuff. At first lich should have fins on elbows, shoulders and temples. Secondly lich should have shell attached to the front of his belt. At third lich should have small anchors attached to his chains. Also, the lich bones should be recolored into aquamarine...
  34. VAC

    Azshara statue model request

    Hi guys, it's my first time requesting for a model here. I'm looking for an Azshara statue model, in her Naga form (the in-game doodads one is cool, but not what I want). Any help is appreciated, thanks for reading.
  35. DarkZorua8000

    AI for Naga

    Hi there how can i add a custom AI to Naga ??? just asking
  36. Kragez

    Nether Ray model

    I need a Nether Ray model for Illidan's Naga faction.It's an outland creature,like this:
  37. JZG

    Naga V1.3