Zombies - chinese units

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Male and female versions of the zombie unit,.

I intend to upload and optimise the chinese version of units that are significantly different from the EU/US counterpart. Golden skeletons are lazy and ugly, so I'm not importing those obviously. While you could do this yourselves, it's good to have them ready to go and optimised.

You can edit this model as much as you like, have fun.

Zombie female (Model)

Zombie female (Icon)

Zombie female portrait (Model)

Zombie male (Model)

Zombie male (Icon)

Zombie male portrait (Model)

Level 11
Feb 23, 2020
Any chance you could make a fat or bloated zombie with the Detheroc torso? You know, the kind that runs at you and explodes in a cloud of Plague.
How many Chinese units have been changed? When will you all be loaded? I'm really looking forward to :)
I've uploaded those that are different enough. Skeletons are just golden and look pretty bad, and most units just lose some skulls and bones. These are the only ones worth uploading tbh.