Hero female deathknight - Chinese units

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This one has a sexy dragon-horse thingy. Uses no custom icons

I intend to upload and optimise the chinese version of units that are significantly different from the EU/US counterpart. Golden skeletons are lazy and ugly, so I'm not importing those obviously. While you could do this yourselves, it's good to have them ready to go and optimised.

You can edit this model as much as you like, have fun.

Hero female deathknight (Model)

Hero female deathknight - Chinese units (Model)

It's interesting that they went in this direction, with a draconian lizardhorse thing, lol. Especially when there's no such thing in Warcraft that I've ever seen.
Will be good for cobbling together new units.
I wonder what Chinese Arthas is riding... 🤔
Just a pale horse
From the model description:
"Golden skeletons are lazy and ugly, so I'm not importing those obviously."
Hey! can you upload chinese ver of skeleton?
Skeletons look like this:

I'll upload the units that offer something interesting to the table, this is a lazy yellow recolour with metallic ORM
coming looking back on this. i come to think of some of those orcation's on the internet of a dragon (hopefully not sounding to perverting saying this) mounting a horse mare.... this death mounth is the result of such crazy perverted idea's.... or, that could anyway be the lore behind it anyway.... don't know why i mention it. might make people think crazy shit abute me....

but let me just make clear. whatever crazy stuff abute me saying this you might think of me, its abselutly NOT in any way like that.