Frost wyrm - chinese units

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So...yeah. It's a blue dragon that is freezing his ass off, not a wyrm. But oh well, who cares? It's another free dragon model.

This guy has no icon apparently

I intend to upload and optimise the chinese version of units that are significantly different from the EU/US counterpart. Golden skeletons are lazy and ugly, so I'm not importing those obviously. While you could do this yourselves, it's good to have them ready to go and optimised.

You can edit this model as much as you like, have fun.

Frost wyrm - chinese units (Model)

Frostwyrm portrait (Model)

Level 20
Jul 2, 2009
Could be great as a Dragon almost at it's death bed going for the Dragonblight in Northrend...

So maybe could face it as a both too, or even would be great for frozen mobs in the game...