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  • I don't dare to say i'm very good. "Still improving" would be a better sentence. :)

    p/s: as stated in my sig, i'll be busy for about 2 weeks for the school exam, so perhaps this will be my last reply for the duration. peace. :) see you soon.
    well it's morning so I don't have much idea but what do you think about these? Bladedancer, Assassin, Cultist, Prefect, Mindblade, Arcane Mage, Destroyer, Ragerunner
    Healing Song
    - I can't do the cooldown x2 effect because there is no such thing as cooldown variable, or so I thought, sorry.

    Astral Shift
    - What makes a different between Level 1 and Level 2 of this spell ?

    Spiritual Disruption
    - Can I change ward with buffs ? I mean if the unit is targeted, it will get a buff, like a curse or something, if it cast spell, it will receive damage. I can't do ward of mana flare if that flare is on auto-cast, it will not only damages that targeted unit, but will also damages other enemy units and range, therefore it is not special target to the targeted unit

    This spell, it will take some time...
    Hey what is gonna be your warcraft forum for? Your own maps or for public using (like hive)?
    when i log in the page is blue and above stand phpbb is it normal? :)
    it isnt a problem but only wanted to know ^^
    hey only wanted to say:
    when i click on your site you can't read the thing at the top:

    WC3 Maps & Mods Forum
    only when you copy it you can see it
    but thanks for adding my map there :)
    Signature done. It's at the header/footer request thread. Hope you like it. =)
    hey sorry for beeing afk
    i tried to click on the page and there come
    The server is too busy at the moment.

    Please reload this page few seconds later.

    but another thing where do you have a post i can rep ;-)
    Can I just make your requested spells, all, 2 levels each ?
    It's tiring to set to 10 levels...
    Don't worry, it's same even if you do it 30, 50, 100 levels, the variables are still the same, okay ?
    2 levels for each spell, okay ?
    okay. tell u sumthing, i think i might wanna help the Signature Shop at the Request Section. Since the whole team is busy, i wanna help. xD Hope they allow me to do so... As for now, inform me if you need the fixes you said you need for the site. ^^ gotta offline now. =(
    Looks like you need a signature of Hero Warz Dark. It just don't feels right to see you use the header as sig. I'll make 1 for you. =)
    Healing Touch (10 Levels)
    Target Unit
    Range 350
    Heal: 200 + (150 per lvl) + (100 x Higher Learning Level)
    Bonus: Refunds (5 x Higher Learning Level) + (2 x Body Control Level) Mana

    Refunds means, you cast the spell, you gain Mana back ?

    Body Control (10 Levels)
    Target Unit
    Range 400
    Effect: Dispel
    Bonus: Heals for (2 x Healing Touch Level) + (10 x Higher Learning Level) + (20 x Advanced Medicne)

    What Dispel, mean in your requested ability?

    Advanced Medicne (2 Levels) (Ultimate)
    Target Unit
    Heal: 1000 + (25 x Healing Touch Level) + (50 x Higher Learning Level)
    Effect: Heals Targets within 250 + (10 x Body Control Level) Range (Not Includeing Target) and Heals them for 10% of the Heal Amount

    So the target itself doesn't have ANY benefits from this spell ?
    Yea thats pretty much all i need. Mediafire and Rapidshare are good for me. =)
    Ive just noticed a MASSIVE AI problem, so im solving that now. For some reason my trigger broke FOR NO REASON >.<
    Will get back too you later, i hope.
    header done. check the thread. :) tell me what you think. but i need to off now, i'll reply soon. hope you like it. ^^
    hey, is there any other shortform you want for Hero Warz Dark? or just HWD?
    Reputation (+2):
    (Post) [broke=You know this +rep system does what actually, right ? It is to show appreciation towards the person that has helped us ^_^]...[/broke]
    About the name for the middle of the header image, is it exactly "Hero Warz Dark"?
    i'm still thinking about it. Recently really busy, and just now i just marched in a parade for about 4 hours. :( shouldnt entered the band...

    the custom models sure is hard to make a cool pic as there are no references pic on web. :( but i'll try. ^^
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