Who do you miss the most?

Level 27
Apr 13, 2008
i miss the people that cared.
the ones who put their effort and time into making a fun and interesting community
the ones who constantly tried to improve their art, and help others improve
the ones who offered so much, and asked for so little... like trust, respect, acknowledgment.
there are so many missing

unmarked graves, cobblestones that pave the way to "progress"
i weep for this site... i pity it.

who do i miss the most?
I miss "community"
Level 14
Mar 23, 2011
The casualties of the "Purge" which was also called "Hive Drama" and "Zero Toleration"
btw,some guys that were hilarious, Supernatural_Being,Kas,Lembidi
but I truly miss when the Hive was actually sane,this place lost all sanity after a while,but I will still be in this site since it was one of the best sites I have been to.



Level 39
Jan 7, 2005
ElfWarfare, Bob27 with his 101 unfinished maps, Mecheon with his unrivaled pwnage skills, VGsatomi, DeadDogNoGoWoof, Daelin, Wolverabid, PurplePoot, Pyritie, Elenai, Hawkwing, bounty_hunter2, Eccho, and of course MasterHaosis and Kimberly, the Chat will never be as fun without them there.

And of course the list is even bigger if we include people from Battle.Net.
Hakeem with long posts and philosophy, both of which I occasionally grew tired of, Shados, whom I forgot to mention, GST_Nemesis, same as Shados, I miss his interesting threads in Medivh's Tower, and most recently Ash, these and the above mentioned were people who earned their place in this community.