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WEU trouble and errors.

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Level 7
Feb 14, 2008
hey. i started up WUE for the first time earlier and started learning fast. i figured out how to import/export and yet for some reason when i made a dummy trigger to export/import to learn from, it says there was an error in importing. :razz:

also i dont know what the UMSWE is about. :confused:

then when i went in to make a map there was a huge screen with hundreds of numbers of it with the big letters "error" and the program entirely shut down. :eekani:

i dont know what the problem is with this program but it seems to be more trouble then its worth so far until i figure out how to fix it. all i wanted it for was the export/import unlimited things so that multiple ppl of my crew can do their own thing at once, instead of waiting on each other.:infl_thumbs_up:
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