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Nov 10, 2009
WC3 Yugioh

PWNED Entertainment Presents

WC3 Yugioh
Created by Darkshooter1986

Map Info

This is a Recreation of Yugioh, a Trading Card Game made by Kanomi. If you never heard of yugioh or played it or TCG's like Magic, then i suggest looking them up before playing this game. While Currently in development, I plan to Release a Beta version to test the gameplay and effectiveness of the map. If everything works out, then Version 1.0 will be released with whatever fixes and such necessary implemented in the map. This map was origionally created by ZeusLT and alot of the ideas behind it and the triggering are credited to him. Currently a 2player map but may expand in the future as its popularity potentially grows.


Pick from a selection of Premade card Decks complete with Monster cards, spells and traps
Each player start with 4000 Life points
More to come ASAP...

Authors Notes

Currently not able to implement an element (earth, fire, air, etc..) to monster cards but working on it.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-

Find more here:
Map Description - Templates

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Level 10
Nov 16, 2012
My Ideas
Name : Waty
Race : Water Mutant
Abilities : Watershot - Shots the enemy with water.
Water Whirlwind - Shots the enemy with circling shot.
Water Wave - Makes a wave of water.(Like Morphling's Skill)
Water Doom - Makes a water around him and then the enemy will stun.(Special Skill)

Name : TipToe
Race : Rock Mutant
Abilities : Rock Throw - Throws a rock in the enemy.
Rock Wave - Makes a wave of rock in the enemy.
Rain of Rock - Makes a Rain of Rock.
Triple Hard Rock Throw - Throws a 3 Hard Rock at enemy.(Special Skill)

Name : Lazy
Race : Laser Mutant
Abilities : Laser Beam - Beam of Laser
Laser Trap - Traps the enemy for 30%. If he do that skill he can have 1 Attack in Enemy.
Triple Laser - Attacks a 3 Laser at enemy.
Laser Circling - He will move circling in his/her position and then makes a Laser Beam. (Special Skill)
I will think about other ! :) :grin:
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