[Aeon of Strife] Warring Kingdoms

Level 8
Apr 4, 2013
A long time ago, there was a war that seemed to go on forever... The two factions, Atralsoroth and Thuldaniol, couldn't destroy each other's base for long! But now, in hopes they might win the war, both factions decided that they would invest in the help of adventurers like you...

This is my other wip,
[size="+3"]WARRING KINGDOMS![/size]

I know, I know it is an AoS, but then again it is more like an RPG! You have one diagonal lane that stretches between your base and the enemies's, but still, there is more. Because there is one lane, not only are there Creeps in the jungle, but there is quest givers too, along with fountains to heal health and mana, even though there is a recall system. The game is played in third person with an arrow-key movement system. Health and Mana potions stack, so you can carry 10 in one slot for merely 500 gold, but they have a cooldown.

There are three heroes to choose from, that have the same learnable skills! One is agility, another strength and the last intelligence.

They each have their own passive. Now, I made each hero this way so that you aren't limited to anything! You can have a tankish mage that bombards them with spells in center of the fight, absorbing damage, or a Paladin that heals himself with his passive and kills using his new found AD Carryness!Screenshots are Below:





Like I said at the top, this is my other work-in-progress, so the first one is here, an altered melee map:

Although I haven't finished the skill trees (I need two more and 7 more spells in each of the existing ones) you can still play it for now, so here it is!:


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