[Role Playing Game] Warcraft lll - A turn-based RPG?

Would you like to see a 2D WoW-like turn-based RPG map in Warcraft 3?


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Remember the classic internet game 'Murloc RPG'?

I've been dreaming of a Turn-based RPG in Warcraft 3 for awhile now, but I'm not a programmer myself...

Basic concept:

- A 2D prespective with by locking a low area of attack camera to the main character
- Arrowkey movement of main character (left, right, up to enter other area's)
- Classic turn-based RPG combat mechanics in a WoW-like enviorment
- Talent trees, abillity panels, equipment slots
- NPC's, Quests, Quest rewards, shops
- Enemies respawn while out of screen bounds
- Epic Backgrounds

If you like my idea and want to start a project with me, reply to this thread.
I'm good at terraining, creative thinking, decorating and a fair bit about basic triggers
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Feb 11, 2009
The idea sounds nice but i see more like the old final fantasy games where you have a world map and can enter villages. Key movement is a bit shitty with wc3.

But one thing will be important...solo or multiplayer? Multiplayer can be a bit tricky...when there is a fight...wait for other player can be annoying if you fight together or against each other...and only solo can be boring too.

Have have to make a big story to make this map interest.

Maybe you can make a battle system like in divinity...but those can be boring like i already say^^

How good you are at making terrain? I search for a terrainer :D
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May 7, 2006
[Minigame] - Deathrise

Sorry, forgot this thread :v
I think there is another from longer ago than this

It featured a main chracter as reskinned arthas and an antagonist as reskinned illidan. Both skins were fairly bland with grey/brown colour scheme. The same was permanently in cinematic mode, you used arrow keys to walk around and when you entered combat it was like final fantasy - turned based in a seperate instance.

Anybody remember this?
look, I was just suggesting the concept... I'm a proffesional terrainer myself, but a rookie in (advanced) triggerwork.

I work non-profit and only for fun and hobby. If anyone wants anything done in terms of decorating, enhancing terrain or just even flat out realize map layouts from scratch, dont be afraid to PM me or add me on Discord: Sapprine#8332

I'll show off some of my personal work too, if you're not convinced.
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Mar 19, 2017
The problem with turn based games in W3 is that you are kind of overhauling the game. So there are lots of development choices (not just features to add).
Depending on how you want your game to look like, you may need to tweak the UI a lot for example (not only robust triggers, but also resources). But maybe not, because you are envisioning other thing. Still, in those presented RPG maps (hero rpg and sechiron, both very well developed), seems like the author just gave up upon the inherent W3 features and opted to identify the UI as a big interactive multiboard. This could be a message of experience tho, maybe they tried to use some W3 features but failed.

I think you could elaborate more your concept, this time into a more concrete "vision". How are you envisioning the gameplay (providing the limits of the engine)? Does it centralize all the UI into a multiboard? Typical answer here is yes. Does it use the normal unit info card? Typical answer is no (i really think the inventory card is more elegant to handle the UI than a multiboard with arrow keys). Does it have a grid system for movement/combat? I think i've never seen one of these in RPG mods. The combat is turn based, but the movement is not, so How does movement "derives" unto combat? The typical answer here is an "encounter system".
The problem is that you are suddenly just reacreating Final Fantasy.

After that you still have to connect the RPG genre unto that.

I still can only encourage you to continue, because this is absolutely possible.
You got the EmberCraft map here, that altough not turn based, you can consider it a complete overhaul of Warcraft in service of the RPG genre.