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A couple game ideas...

Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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  • I like MMORPG idea

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Level 8
Jan 23, 2008
Right off the top I'm gonna say that you can delete this right away if I'm in violation of the rules but I had no where else to shot it idea's at and you guys have always been the best place for anything to do with creativity and gaming.

I have been getting back into programming lately and want to learn C++...blah..blah...blah. But since I don't have any C++ experience and I could be back into the map making first and would be a great way to release demos for the actually game systems. But before I completely say that these ideas are going to be maps I'm not making anything final cause they could be really bad ideas and I should never start in the first place this is why I really want your feed back.

First I will start off with my Final Fantasy Tactics genre game

Tactical Turn Based RPG -

The main idea for this game would be to copy the game play element of games like FFT, Advanced Wars, etc but the characters would be humans or custom humanoid races, etc.


Job System (including a couple secret jobs that can only be obtained through dungeons or quests)

Multilayer (possible mmo, with different factions)

Time System (certain things only avaliable at certain times, according to your server time)

Custom Story Modes (Linking certain quests and outcomes of battles would lead to how you need to end the game)

Dungeons (To give a boost to the players gear, and add storyline elements)

Item creation system (Similar to that of Tales of Symphonia, all you have to do is gather certain materials to create items.)

(This is just an idea, but if you have ever played FFT just apply the same rules to what I'm about to say.) When you battle you only control 1 unit out of the 5 possible units on the board, so you would need to play with 4 other people every time you play somewhat like Dungeon seige.

Massive Multilayer Online RPG -

The main idea of this game is to make a game with almost exactly the same game play elements of world of warcraft, but to make it like blizzard should have developed it RPG/RTS elements.


Unpopulated leveling areas and custom aggro system (Say if your in a forest and your trying to get through it, unless you were hunting for animals then you would have a hard time finding one to kill. Unless you suddenly got jumped by a tough bear that you have an epic fight with or something along the lines of a viscous animal. But if you were to find a abandoned mine on your way inhabited by thieves. If you where to fight one of the thieves he would call for help which would bring all the thieves in the mine into battle, unless you got him into an alley where he couldn't be seen or heard. This will make it so that like in the Warcraft 1-3 you would need a group of units and not just 1 person running around killing things 1 by one.)

Custom Leveling System (I know everyone loves to grind so much thats why I would take out experience completely and replace it with a system that makes you do dungeons and find tomes which level you up instead of doing this quest, doing that quest, grinding this mob, grinding that mob. This doesn't mean the game isn't totally revolving around quests cause...)

Storyline Quests (Unlike most mmorpgs I would actually include a serious story line that more or less has a sequence of how you must do the quests, and then when done most of the quests for your zone you obtain a key or an attunement to one of the dungeons in the game which would include quests for you to finish and gear for you to obtain. The very end quest of this would be a common goal at which would require lots of people to finish it like an attack on a base or something a siege that could take hours or days and wouldn't be totally required for everyone to participate the full time. Somewhat like the end of Warcraft 2 when you have to overthrough a large base or Warcraft 3 when you must deceive and defeat arcimonde)

Custom Subclass (aside from what ever class you may choose in this game, there will be 1 or 2 subclasses that everyone can choose from which almost turns the game into a mmorts for those people. Allowing them to command units based on there current rank which would be based on encounters won/lost, swiftness, encounters evaded, etc.)

Food/Population system for Dungeons & for subclass commanders (This is somewhat complicated but will be very easy to
understand when I'm done explaining it. Just like in warcraft how you could only build 50 units if you had 50 food or 25 units if those units needed 2 food each, I plan on making a cap for dungeons, pvp, and the subclass. Say if there was 10 available food in a dungeon then you could bring 10 people into that dungeon but, it would depend on peoples gear. If one of the people had 3 times as better gear as the 9 other people only 7 people would be allowed in plus this amazingly geared person lowering the chance of total annihilation of bosses. This system would also need a population limit, for if you were to go into the latest and hardest endgame dungeon and it has 500 food then you could bring 500 ungeared people and stand a pretty good chance at getting awesome stuff. But if you had a 20 people limit on the amount of people then only the best geared would be chosen for the task at hand. All these rules could apply to pvp dungeons like battle grounds on wow, so that if there was 3 awesome geared people they may have to fight 6-7 under geared people.)

Any feedback or opinions is appreciated, and sorry to the Hive if I violated any rules because they may not be released as maps, they could be released as whole complete games.
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Level 8
Jan 23, 2008
lol before I start hahahha, love the pic...

I don't know yet, obviously WC3 would be the easiest to do because of the simple GUI programming and the Jass Language and then everything would be totally free. But in the last couple days I realized that I enjoyed map making quite a bit, and wouldn't be afraid to take it to the next level, and I like money :p
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