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Hero defense/RPG crossover idea

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Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
before I start working on something again that I will just drop, I decided that this time I will create a thread about my idea first to actually recieve feedback if this project would be even worth its time.

My base idea is again based on this http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/1523935-post1.html & http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/1278115-post1.html

But this time I'd want the whole development be more structured.
Again it ould be a hero defense map with rpg elements.
You would have to defend some village ore refugee camp. That village/camp would be based of Ancient Egypt/Arabia.
And this village would be attacked by evil forces(undead, demons and stuff like that).
I'd like to have an actual plot instead of that usual "defending for unknown reasons".
That would be the defense part.

The RPG part would happen between the waves. You would explore the surrounding to find some secrets, do some quests forl villager who would reward you, you might even do dungeons. There could even be some special events like "you asked your allies for help and 2 caravans come at the same time, but in most cases only 1 could be rescued.
Based on your decision you`d get special items, troops and upgrades for your troops.
At some point you could also build an outpost for more support.

The game would end if you destroy the enemy or if the enemy overruns you.

I'd also like to add a save system. It may or may not save your hero or experience, but it would save equipment and reputation for sure.

But as I said: It is just an idea and I'm not even sure if I'd realize it.
Oh and I'd also like to hear suggestions. Also write under this thread or pm me if you interested to join me :)
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Level 18
Nov 11, 2005
How about making it slightly different, for example;

1) All heroes are creeps.
Instead of the typical races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Troll, etc), why not make heroes from creeps (Gnoll, Centaur, Razormane, Tuskarr). If possible all creep hero must have animal characteristic.

2) Players are to protect the Sacred Forest/etc.
As the heroes are creeps they have only one place to protect, their home the Forest. I notice most Hero Defence and ORPG requires the players to protect their base.

3) The attacking waves are the Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc & the Undead.
What does this 'civilized' races have in common? They require wood to build their settlement/etc. By having the Heroes from creep races and the forest their home, the treat they have to face would be from these 'civilized' races.
Level 23
Oct 12, 2008
Heck, why not make an entire defence based on a trading caravan.

Players pick up the gist of the plot while in towns, from citizen's talking etc.
You can pick up refugees or traders as secondary objectives that follow the main caravan around.
Each character you add to the caravan has their own plot and so the nature of the enemies/quests will be only available when you pick up X character. Until either they get killed (ie. you fail) or you finish the subplot.
Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
just a small update:

I decided to completely step away from warcraft lore. Instead the whole city will be based oy Ancient Egypt/Arabia, because there are so many awesome models/textures around that would fit perfectly into that category, but I've never really seen them anywhere.

The main plot would be: a secret entrance at some pharao tomb was found and a group of warriors shall take a look at it. SO you move into it as some tutorial lvl and resurrect some evil guy who want to rule the world. And that's where the defense part will start.

Oh and I also already worked on a hero concept: Caliph (int hero)

1st skill: summon Djin: the Caliph won't have an attack, instead he will tell the Djin to do it for him
2nd skill: sleeping powder: the only skill he can use without the Djin. Will deal minor dmg, enemies might miss their attacks and will fall asleep after some attacks or seconds
3rd skill: some aura: each attack might pleasure the Djin.(some bar will be filled). When this bar is full, the hero will get some special skill for some time.
Ultimate: 3 Wishes: will be a spellbook ability. You can choose 3 things out of a list. Those could be more gold or more exp on enemies death or some bonus stats or some extra random skills for the djin(like a buff or debuff or some dmg spell). Only 3 can be active at the same time.
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