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  • No not exactly... It's cause I would like a terrainer, because thats kind of what we need :p. In all honesty I havnt started mostly because of school and Im working on a project as well. Here's what Ill do, Im going to start it off, making the multiboard and the base stuff, and Ill try starting the base terrain for the different maps ;).
    thanks for rep man ^^ btw i fixed something in the system, so when units are being dragged they are going to be stopped by destructables and there wont be flashy movements that are all messed up.

    Took me a second to clue in.. I was like wtf!?

    Anyways LOL @ that. +rep
    shes doing better. she going back within 3 weeks for the last operation n im feeling tons better from depression cuz of my ex gf, family dieing and alot other shit. Im back in action though but im rusty at map making lol
    hey sorry it took me ages to reply ive been away, d u still need that multiboard coz im happy to give it to ya im also happy to help with any other mapmaking queries
    Currently I'm working on all the needed systems(inventory, talent, trade etc) I've done several needed models but no terrain so far.
    Yes, it's mine. Before I am thinking about a release I will get it 110% to work :) But never say never
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    This social group is only for those who likes to make amazing projekts, testing new maps & helping other peoples with their maps.

    In here, we can all have our opinion.
    Don't be a (bitch) to anyone.
    Be active.
    Find new friends! :p

    This is the №¹ group on ''.
    - YouCantSeeMe
    sounds great. give me that trigger =D
    its (Almost) finish. just need to make a better history and some more zombies.. :b
    It'll be a while man, but I'll be doing some early tests pretty soon, if you want to help out. You should check out the forums a bit more :p ..rough estimation before it's public.. like 3-5 weeks maybe.. unless i work my ass off then i might bring that down to 2-3 weeks.
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    Eh my moms better but isnt telling me what the doc said so i kno its bad. my bday is saturday so idk wuts worst lol. U need anymore help?
    Just a fair warning. Asking for rep(even within a constructive post) is against the rules and it can lead to neg-rep.

    Anyway you'll soon realize that rep means nothing here. Nothing.
    Here. That site hasnt been updated in awhile. Most of those project n stuff are out of date n unpermate. heres the steps

    Open up your map

    Make a backup of your map. To do this, Go up to files and save as, then put in a different name to your map. This is your backup(if you dont have a backup then you wont have a map to edit. Many people do this and have to start over.)

    Open your import manager then import anyfile(i usually import a file with under 10 memery). Then set The custom path to war3map.wtg

    Now Your Map Should Be Protected
    Sorry but i have deleted the actual pack. All i have is the base for my own achievements :-/
    I will search for it later.
    I dont rmeember where i got it but search for WoW UI package or something like that and you may find it. It is officialy released by Blizzard and is not illigal or something in anyway so i t shouldnt be so hard to find it.

    Edit: The name of the package is "Blizzard Interface Art" that may help.
    I'm *sort of* still working on Square Hero Arena. I've not payed much attention to it however.
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    lol.. what makes you think it was easy.. even if it was just training unit and upgrade, it would require a tendious work at it.
    Nope, I am too busy with my own campaign. Let alone other project.

    Developing AI could took a long time as well since you need to make a AI in 3 difficulty.

    Even a mere AI for mini-games could be a pain in the ass, just take a look at the AI in this map of mine.

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