Warcraft III AutoRefresh (Windows / Linux / Mac)

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What is Warcraft III AutoRefresh?

This is an application designed to automatically refresh the game you are currently hosting. Normally when you host a game, you would close all slots and open them to force your game to appear at the top of Battle.net's list of custom games. With this application, that process is done automatically.


- Cross-platform, usable on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
- Automatically refresh your game.
- Set the rate at which your game is refreshed.
- Helps distribution of a map by assisting players in recognizing "Download Only" games.
- Customize the names and colors of the Autorefresh appearing in pre-game lobbies.
- Almost no CPU utilization, allowing you to keep your framerates up.


Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1


Linux (Any Distro)/MAC OS X
Mono Framework

Package Contents

- Warcraft III Autorefresh program
- C# Source Code
- General Public License (GPL) txt file
- readme.txt file

Warcraft III AutoRefresh (Binary)

Level 1
Apr 16, 2009
Added info

I hate to have to say it, but this auto refresher is running really slowly on my comp. I figure it is probably that I'm using Windows Vista 64-bit operating system. Verily near nothing is designed to run on a 64-bit operating system as of yet... Anyway, so I have tried using various compatibility modes as well as the administrator permissions for each valid compatibility mode.

I have discovered that it gives an error message specifically when you run the program as an administrator, which is negligible, as it continues to run fine anyways. And I am still unable to figure out why it is so slow, unless it's merely due to my operating system.

One other note, I have read fully through the postings, prior to downloading the program, to screen for potential viruses, how great or crappy users think the program is, and other general feedback. You know, general research to know what one is getting into.

Finally, I find it a little irritating that excess of 50% of the posts are repeats because people choose not to see that someone else has had the same issue and what solutions they had been granted. Alas, this paragraph is pointlessly added as those people will not read through here to notice my comment anyhow..

Thanks Sentry for the program and all the work you've put into it, I do not believe you have received enough thanks for it. If you are able to and willing to help me out in finding out why it is so slow for me, I would be happy to hear from you. Although I believe it would be a great idea to post it in here for others to read (assuming they choose to) the best way to contact me is through e-mail. I do not know how this website works for e-mails as of yet, so you can e-mail me at my primary address of "[email protected]".
Level 1
May 26, 2009
I think i'm having trouble hosting a game in general.

The auto refresher works as it says its successful, and I can see it refreshing in the lobby. but no one ever joins no matter what the game is.

do i need to open certain ports or what? thanks
Level 12
Jul 27, 2008
@nitroxide: do you have a router or software firewall? you'll have to open port 6112 as TCP&UDP port in both. For software i dunno. For the router go to http://portforward.com.

@crl: there is an option to do that.

Generally it's great, but i'm not using it atm because banlist does all that. Still usefull though, as WC3 Banlist tends to bog down connections slower than 2 mbp/s. :thumbs_up:



Level 4
Feb 27, 2009
*coughs* This is actually ShadowFrench software *coughs*...
anyway, this thing is unreliable and slow as hell..not worth downloading..download Visual Custom Kick...Do not trust anything from the SF production line...they might be viruses and/or hacking things... (even though this one is clean)...
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Level 16
Oct 10, 2009
to you kdfosifki you can do it either way
works on my mac and my vista computers

Great tool. but ive seen people who can auto refresh by pressing a button in the game i.e. F5 this would be greatly appreciated :)
Level 2
Jun 2, 2007
doesn't work, it fails on mac its just a .exe file, that macs cant use so a false promise. please remove the icon that says it works on macs or fix this

it does work for mac. by the way it says "connection refused" cause i aint got WC3 open.


you are doing something wrong if it is not working for you
Level 12
Apr 18, 2007
It also opens with mono on Linux. Tested on Ubuntu 10.04LTS. Anyways, I'm going to now try to open up my ports so it actually interfaces with the Warcraft III client.
Level 9
Aug 27, 2009
Got mono as well..
My bad, used wrong version of Mono. (Tried to run trough Wine with Mono)
Rename the file to ar.exe and just run mono ar.exe after cd to the location where it is.

The tool will work, but the window dies when started hosting.. However, the autorefresh will continiue!
I also ran wrong Auto refresher on a previous comment here.. ;P

Excellent! :)
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Level 2
May 28, 2006
For anyone reading this today, this does in fact NOT work on Mac OSX. The description should be changed accordingly.

With that being said, using a cross platform .NET tool, called Mono, you can "emulate" this working on other OS systems, such as OS X. Same concept as Wine.

Mono can be downloaded here: Home | Mono

You then need to register the provided .exe with mono as a new application to use this tool.

Hope this helps!