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    (Post) "You can explain the events and rather idiotic and false reasons for the US attacking Vietnam, yet, you base the whole of a culture upon your interactions with an extremely small number of its people." That's called trolling.
    All I asked was for you to defend your comment. Maybe that was too hard to understand?
    Clearly you don't. Maybe you could point me to a post I made where I was a bigot? I doubt you can.

    Too bad I don't smoke anymore, otherwise I would.
    Hey! ^^
    Do you still wont to join the project?
    If you do check the first post of this thread.
    And then say if you want to join.
    To adnan3 (If he ever read it) :
    And yea septimus is a fool,
    Fool, not tool. Should learn how to spells.

    I did plenty of shitty map
    Much accurate.

    To Joss : There is a right way and there is a wrong, he choose the wrong path and that's the fact that nobody can deny.

    He already blew off his self respect and dignity when he flame moderator and several user of this site who comment about his map.
    hey joss i dont think fixing the memory leak is possible because i use only 3 diffrent triggers. 1 to autotrain units wich i need so it cant be deleted. 2 the one that orders them to attack other base wich i also need and last the victory condition. I dont think theres any way to get rid of the memory leak :(. But is it a big one though? didnt get much memory leak but i dont know about other. And yea septimus is a tool, hes talking like i have reuploaded the same map every time. I did one shitty map and now he just bashes my work without even trying just basing it on that it will suck like my last map.
    There is a right way and the wrong way of doing it. Doing it at wrong way means nothing at all.

    If a person wanted to improve, he would have do research such as looking for tutorial for helpful technique.

    Let me ask you 1 question. Why somebody develop a single map for 2 years and the quality was a complete shamble compare to a single map that was done within a month?

    I guess you know what I mean, don't you? I have seen some map maker who been map making for 3-4 years that was heavily criticise by me only to know he knows absolutely nothing about map making.

    Kinda ironic when you waste 3 years of your life time only to discover you know nothing about it. Eh?
    If he indeed wanted to improve, he won't be sitting there doing nothing like rip van winkle.

    Success does not come by itself, he should have do research on how to improve himself instead of whining and flaming everybody who told him to improve.

    If both of them ever read the tutorial "The path of proper map making" by me, they would know perfectly well what it takes to be successful.
    However, I did not see him whining at all, but, if he did, then I apologize.
    They go to moderator map, rate it 1/5 without valid reason and trying to cause drama over there.

    Look at post 27 above.

    Look at post 46 and above.

    Need any more prove?

    But, even so, he does intend to improve his work. Dont be so quick to judge.
    If he does intend to, he would have read, understand, respect and adhere to the map submission rules instead of multiple upload and showing no respect to other user (Especially the staff by upload such a pathetic map and continue to do it despite being told).
    2) He receive more feedback than he could have bargain for most of his work. Infact, several user already told him to improve his work. If he really respect his work that much, he would have listen to them instead of swearing and flaming them all the way.

    Also, what he does is naturally encourage user not to download his map to play in the future or to give any feedback at all.

    3) I am not an ass-kisser, I tell it like the way it is just like Captain Griffen and Mecheon does in strict and precise way without trolling/flaming. Even though I hate Griffen for his constant trolling at chatroom for no reason, but I respect him as he always post several comment that reveal nothing but the truth at forum (Of course, I like it even better without those sarcasm remark from him).

    If you want a feedback, get a feedback that are honest and not a ass-kissing feedback. 1 honest opinion are 500 times better than a million of lies.
    As for not trying to improve his skill, why the fuck do you think he made it? So he could get laughed at and harshly and unjustly criticized? No! He made it to get feedback on how well his map was made.
    1) If he indeed want feedback in order to improve his work, he would be respecting the moderator decision of rejecting his work and work even harder to earn approval instead of wasting his time to create another low quality work with intention to humiliate the staff.

    If you ask me if I ever have any map rejected before and how do I feel about it. I do not denied I do have reject map, but I work really hard to make the drastic improvement to get it approve instead of whining.

    If I can work with sheer determination to get it approve, I do not see the reason of them not to be able to do the same.
    im gonna try to fix the tooltips sorry about that, and how to fix leaks? (bit of a noob on that) Yea about the terrain i know its kinda small but il try make it alot bigger, thanks for feedback
    I got the message, when i said skins, I meant just a list of ingame skins that you would like the models to use. I've incorporated your human quartermaster Idea into a troll karate dude.

    If you can get on MSN, I'd be happy to show you how it's comign along. Otherwise, you can just check out my WIP gallery thread for early workings.
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