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Warcraft III Art Tools 1.0

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Comprising a set of plugins for Discreet®’s 3ds max®, these tools allow advanced users to create, modify, and quickly preview models and animations, including particle and ribbon effects, that can be used in custom maps created with Warcraft III’s World Editor. Please note that Blizzard does not directly support the Warcraft III Art Tools, and the technical support staff will not be able to respond to any related inquiries. However, detailed and illustrated instructions on how to use the software are included with the download.

A valid license for Discreet®’s 3ds max® 4.0 is required in order to use the Warcraft III Art Tools. We highly recommend that 3ds max® version 4.26 is used, with the service pack 1 fixes. Windows® 2000 or XP is suggested. Note: The Warcraft III Art Tools do not include a means for creating textures. To create textures, a paint program, such as Adobe®’s Photoshop®, is required.

Warcraft III Art Tools 1.0 (Binary)

Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
oh hey... my first time on this forum. i like this format where the text box is at the bottom of the screen. it might be better at the top so u can see the last comment you're responding to.

despite what alot of ppl on forums say, 3d modelling is not that difficult. don't be afraid to try it because other ppl say it is. most of em havent even tried. but if you do, be prepared for a lot of work. if ur not willing to shell out the effort, go do something else, as mr. amro suggests.

in regards to silly questions.... i.e. what is gmax.... ummm... google it bro. if ur not willing to research this stuff on ur own, don't bother trying 3d.

it's alot of self motivation... looking up stuff on the net, buying books, taking classes...

speaking of classes, if u don't have a version of 3ds max, that is wat i'd suggest that u do. go to a community college that has it. u can work on ur project from there,

while learning things from ur teacher and other students. from my experience most of these classes are pretty laid back, and the teachers will let u work on watever projects u want to.

a few links:

Wings 3d --- the best modeller, aside from MIRAI possibly, today. forget max. make ur models here, export as .3ds, and import into max, to animate and optimize.

spiraloid --- google the site. it's not spiraloid.com. alot of ppl post their work here. it used to be a better site, but it's still not bad.

bay raitt, who did the facial animation for gollum, owns this site. he visits between projects i think.

CGTalk --- there are some free models in the news section u can use for reference.

3D Total - The cg artists home page --- some tutorials. free models also

www.3dbuzz.com --- downloadable video tutorials

there was an .mdx exporter they were doing in milkshape 3d awhile back as well. i don't know if it is still around. ask the mods or admins. i think it was republicolas...

if u can't do the community college route (which is the best option) try the milkshape 3d exporter.

hmm to bad I'm broke XD
Level 4
Oct 6, 2009
why every time i install this thing somthing came out and ses 3ds max® is not installed at this location. You must install the Warcraft III Art Tools in the same folder as 3dsmax.exe ?????what that does mean?????
Level 2
Nov 21, 2008
i got 3dsmax 09' from demonoid.com but i think it's still down so you might want to try isohunt.com it's a great site just scan EVERYTHING before you unzip ect.
Level 4
Dec 20, 2008
I think now it is useless tool, i have no idea HOW to get that old program 3ds max 4.0. Of course it doesn't work on my uncle's 3ds max 2010. I don't know what to do now. Milkshape is not free and all editors I know can only edit models, there is no chance to create a new one with them.. well that sucks...

If somebody here knows how to get this working, just post please, I'm about to start crying. I'm confused HOW ppl can make new models just only with few freeware tools.

Buhehebeeee :'(

I found 3ds max 5, I hope that version works ...
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Level 21
Mar 2, 2010
i aint that good with writing. i dont want other people to retreat from the website because they get threatened. (or banned for breaking the rules.) as for the link to blizzards website containing the art tools, i checked it out myself. it leads to a website that have been removed. it is possible to get 3ds max 5 which is compatible with the art tools.
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Level 1
Dec 24, 2009
lol 3dsmax is just too heavy for a start, begin modelling with light program like milkshape 3d.
Level 2
Oct 12, 2011
Noob question

im sure there is a more logical thread to post this comment but i need to ask .. what folder do you put tools you download for WC3 World Editor?