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[Miscellanous / Other] WarCraft III Alpha 1999 (Remake)

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Current State -
Last Updated - 20 Apr 2014

This project has been canceled and is no longer under development. The status has been changed to dead.

It is a WarCraft III Modification Project that will re-create the alpha 1999 version. Entire campaigns and story will be taken from Reign of Chaos with some unused extras.
Because really no-one ever realizes what if the alpha 1999 version was released rather than retail current, the point is to experience the whole gameplay, environment from a whole different perspective.
No, this one has a lot of potential to furnish and complete it, we will however require your assistance.
This project has undergone various and serious changes from time to time, due to the developers decisions, tactics and ideas. This project was inactive and dead for a time when I announced a stressful announcement about moving to other engine. When time came, we decided that we have energy and free time to continue making this. This has been resurrected and is still active to this day.
Well, actually I wouldn't characterize it like that at all. There are some elements that are similar to Warlords, and you'll probably see some elements that are similar to let's say, Heroes of Might and Magic, but there's really no game out there that's doing what I can say that we're taking a turn based game and turning it into a real time game.
Well first of all, Myth actually isn't 3d - they have 3d terrain but the characters are not. These are fully 3d polygonal characters. And any time you see a 2d shot the first thing you want to do is compare it. The only thing I can say is that when you actually get a chance to see the game demo, it really isn't like Myth.

1. Project Leader, Triggers / Systems, Object Editor Data / Balance, Terrain / Atmosphere, Lore / Design, Other / Miscellaneous -
2. Voice Actor / Sound - DivineArms




Have any suggestions? Want to ask a question? Want to become a developer and help me make this project complete? Feel free to comment.
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Find people? Its not so easy as you say. But while right now I do not have any members who wanted to join in development.
You know they should be ashamed of themselves!:(( Such a good project and no volunteers? Frankly if i weren't working in 2 projects i'd openly join you! But it seems that just a few of us care about promising projects:((
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Jun 26, 2010
I really like the sounds of this project -- always wondered how the game would have played if it kept its original gameplay and such.

I'm afraid my skills are limited to brainstorming concepts with regard to projects like this, so I don't really have much to offer your team. Otherwise I would. :( Good luck to you guys, though, and I hope to see this when it's finished! :D

EDIT: Do you actually have the alpha client/models, or are you using recreations?
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Deleted member 219079

Good thing you have access to alpha models :)
Good luck with the project!
Update: You will see a few characters from WarCraft 1, 2 in our Project (Legends). I will not spoil anything, but to tell you that they will come back. They will have an important/ minor roles to fulfill. We are changing the whole lore of Reign of Chaos. So you will see some unused / cut content from it. For now We wont spoil anything untill the actual demo or release.

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Deleted member 212788

Ooooh that Orc woman, can't remember her name, I'm assuming she's from "The Last Guardian" or am I getting things mixed up?




Greetings and good day to you.

I am intrigued and want to ask: Is this going to be the very first version of Warcraft III with role-playing strategy/real-time tactics gameplay?

I am looking forward to your answer.
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