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War of the Elements

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War of the Elements

War of the Elements is a map that will contain 4 basic elements versus 4 evil elements. Basic elements can fuse between them if they forge an alliance between another element, or can simply destroy another element to gain 1 builder from it's kind, that is able to build that element's buildings. Either way, the player gets combinations of their own element and the other one in order to defeat the evil elements and whatever is behind them.

Combinations of the Elements

Water + Earth = Mud Elementals
Water + Wind = Ice Elementals
Wind + Fire = Firestorm Elementals
Earth + Fire = Glass Elementals

If a good elemental takes over all of the good elements, then he is able to call 4 gods to destroy the evil elements, but the evil elements will create their dark god that is able to beat all 4 of the good element gods, so that the players will have to defeat their enemies in 30 minutes. The evil god will be defeatable, but very hard to achieve.

The map is based on planet Ain, a place that the 4 elemental gods created while using their powers to kill each other. Although, this created Ain, it also spawned many Elemental spawns on Ain, and also banished all 4 of the gods.
The Evil Elemental gods, combining their power of deception, they were the reason of the fight of the 4 Elemental gods, so that they can take over the whole galaxy.

The creation of Ain

When the four gods clashed, the center of their powers started fusing, creating Ain. Unlike normal planets, it was made violently, and not like the Elemental Counsil normally creates planets.
When the gods used their powers at full strength, the sight was horrible. Life around them began to crumble. The first of the four to use his power, was the Elemental God of Earth, Terra. The center of the beams started to overcome. A small ball of mud was created at the middle. Then, it was for Aqua, the goddess of Water. She started to push back Terra's power, forcing him back, and taking over the situation. When Aqua's beam hit the ball, it started to push back the other 2 gods' beams, except from Terra's. The Ball in the middle increased it's size, making it have it's own gravity, and some water on top of the mud. Then, it was time for Eolus, the god of Wind. He increased his powers to full potential, pushing back Aqua's beam, reaching the ball, that reached an enormous size. It could no longer be called a sphere, nor a ball. It had reached the size of a moon. It was getting colder and colder, creating ice on the 2 poles of the moon. The god of Fire, Valcen was in a grim situation. His powers were weaker than the other 3 god's powers combined. Being out powered, he had to use whatever was left in him. Just before he used it, he heard a voice in his mind. It was Aethium, the god of Aether, one of the Evil elemental gods.

Aether was the very thing that was the base of everything in this world. He was the strongest god of all. He gave Valcen a small percentage of his power in order to stop the fight. Without knowing what the power could do, Valcen used it at it's full potential. The power was terrifying. Valcen understood what that power would do, it was made to destroy all of the elemental gods together, leaving Aethium in full strength. It was too late. Valcen's power although, reached the moon, and it gave it warmth in it's middle, giving it life. Valcen knew this would doom them all, so he used his powers to take the 3 gods with him inside the moon, that reached the size of our Earth. As they fell on the planet, they started to split apart in many parts. The spawns that came out of each god were with their own will, and could aid into the return of their own god.

The last wish of Valcen

As Valcen was spliting to parts, he spoke to the spawns...

"Great elements of fire, earth, water and air... I have made a grievous mistake. The pact with Aethium made me pay a lot. Aethium is planning on destroying this world... And many more among it. I ask you two things. First of all, i want you to go against Aethium, and destroy him. And second, i want you to name this world Ain. My daughter will come to the throne soon, so i want this world to have this beautifull name, as it reminds me of her. And last thing i am asking, is for you to have peace...."

And so, he was split to the last spawns...

The rise of the Elements

Ain was teeming with life. The Elementals begun creating their own home, but they met other types of Elementals, which went on war with them. One night, the Water elementals managed to capture 2 Elementals of the Earth, which were crushed together. Their parts started fusing together, and reformed into a larger creature. The Water Elementals understood that they can fuse together to increase their power. Apart from that, they decided to ally with the Elements of the Earth so that they can destroy the rest of the Elementals. Years later, they found out that they can combine together, creating much stronger elements. After finding this out, all of the elementals created their own "Hearts", which were the sources of their powers.

The downfall of the Elements, and the rise of Aethium

After a long time of peace, the elementals created a vast army of elements. Elements mixed together, pure elements at full strength, they all were living peacefully. Then, one day, the sky started to become grim. The sky started blackening out. The wise Elemental captains, had a conference. It was decided that they take action immediately. Right when they were done, a spike attacked an earth elemental, leaving it unharmed. The spike came out of the sky, but disappeared as soon as it hit the earth elemental. Nobody understood anything. When the elemental stood up, it attacked an other elementals. When that happened, all combined elements that included earth and another element, broke up. The pure ones were still combined, but still, they lost one of their weapons. After the other elemental got up, he started hitting every other elemental in it's sight. The elementals were back in war. Only the pure ones could understand what was going to happen. One day, a big bolt of fire crashed through a mountain, creating portals in it. There were 6 portals total. It was early enough for every elemental to prepare. Although this was to save Ain, the elements were still in war. They knew that they either need to rebuild their relationships, or destroy eachother. It was their choice, but Aethium was close to regaining full power to break through the barriers left by the souls of the elemental gods. By allying with eachother, they would be weak, but strong together. But if they beat the rest, they would reach the ultimate power and summon their god, and enslave the other elementals.

Update 14/12: I don't have much time, but I am going to do it. But i need some modelers willing to help me. Screenshots are coming after i complete the terrain.

Requests so far here.

Update 16/12: I will have a contest about the terrain. The reward is Rep.
What you must do: Create the BEST terrain you can for all 4 elements, Space Portal Cave, and of course, Space. You are allowed to move the "Ain Wall" Closer to bottom left, but further editing (Like changing map size, forces, actions etc) will result in a disqualification.
Download it here.

Update 23/12: I decided to remove some combinations that i didn't like. For example, Fire and Water..

Update 26/12: Screenshot from the construction version.
<br>Please note that the terrain could change at any minute, and that this is MY creation.


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