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Level 15
Aug 18, 2007

As some of you maybe know (ok, noone knows) i'd kinda lost interest for warcraft and world editor. Now, after my half year long break, i decided to go back, with a new exciting map!

Elements is a hero arena wich focuses heavily on teamwork. So, alot of maps do that, but they all suffer the same problem: In the end, theres not much teamwork. Somebody killed everybody else, and is now just controlling the game.

To fix this, Elements adds an intresting twist to heroes.

Sooo, whats the twist?

Every spell in "Elements" has an element (hence the name :p). Each spell will add a debuff to the target, based on its element. For example, a Lightning spell, will add the Lightning debuff.

Every element in Elements has a strength and weakness. When a spell is used on a player, who got the right debuff, the effect is increased, wether its stun duration, damage or knockback. But if the spell is used on the wrong element, the effect is reduced.

Heres a list of each element, and its strength and weakness:

Strength: Fire
Weakness: Lightning
Strength: Nature
Weakness: Water
Strength: Water
Weakness: Earth
Strength: Lightning
Weakness: Nature
Strength: Earth
Weakness: Fire

Every hero has 3 spells and an ultimate, like in most maps. Some heroes can be only one element, while others can be 2, or even 3 elements at once. The spells that a hero can learn, will only be one of the elements, wich the hero is. A Fire/Lightning hero's spell will only be Fire/Lightning element.

So what you gonna do?
So far, just kill the enemy heroes to gain points. When you reach a certain number of points, you win.
The aim of the map might change, or maybe modes will be chosen, like Capture the Flag or maybe even an AoS mode.

Thats it for now, hope you got intrested. Feel free to leave a comment!


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