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[Arena] Element Hero Arena Alpha

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Level 9
Sep 20, 2015

Hello everyone im doing this map from a while now and i wanted to share it with you for some feedback and suggestions.


The map is a 3v3 arena where players fight using the element's powers.


Kills Points
For now the map has only team death match mode. (may add more like last survival or conquest)
There are 5 roounds. Every round last 3 minutes, in witch teams have to kill their opponets to get points. When a round ends the team that has the higher number of points win the round.
If a team wins 3 of 5 round, they win the game.


Elements are a core mechanic in the game. Every element has a critical effect to and is countered by another element. You can combine the elements to do Combos that increase the damage and some effects. Same elements heal each others.
There are 8 elements that you can choose, and every element has a different effect on the hero :

Fire : Basic attacks burn the target dealing additional damage per seconds.
Critical to Ice. Countered by Earth.

Ice : Basic attacks slows the target's attack and movement speed. There is a small chance to freeze the enemy completly. When frozen the enemy can't use ability or move.
Critical to Light. Countered by Fire.

Earth : Basic attacks slows the target movement speed and shock them, reducing their attack damage for some time.
Critical to Fire, is countered by Acid.

Lightning : Basic attacks have an AoE effect that spread the damage to nearby enemies.
Critical to Heal. Is Countered by Time.

Acid : Basic attacks have a splash damage. Every enemy damaged takes damage per seconds.
Is Critical to Earth, is countered by Healing.

Healing : Basic attacks heal a friendly target by 2x you attack damage. Healing has a passive effect, it gives to the hero an aura that heals all nearby enemies.
Is critical to Acid, is countered by Lightning.

Light : Basic attacks blind the target, making it misses all attacks for few amount of time.
Passive effect : the hero moves much faster.
Is critical to Time, is countered by Ice.

Time : Basic attacks decrease enemy attack's and movement speed.
Passive effect : Increase attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 20%
Is cirtical to Lightning, is countered by Light.


As mentioned before every element is effective or not effective against another element.

Critical damage : you do 2x the damage

Countered damage : you do 0x damage


Combos does 3x damage.
Combos are made by attacking a target with a specific succession of elements, for istance:

Light + Lightning is a combo.

Lightning + Light is not a combo.

There are many types of Combos

Normal Combos

Acid + Fire

Lightning + Light

Ice + Time

Time + Earth

Earth + Ice

Fire + Light

Ultra Combos

Ultra Combos are made by a Normal Combo on a Critical effect.

Normal Combo + Critical effect = Ultra Combo

For example:

Critical attack : Fire >>> Ice

Normal Combo: Acid + Fire

Ultra Combo : Acid + Fire >>>> Ice

Special Combos

Special Combos occur rarely. There is only one for now i'll add more

Frozen Target (Ice Element) + Earth

Hero Progression and Abilities

Each player controls the same type of hero, but he can upgrade and level the hero as he wants.

Every hero has an Element Menu, where players can select an element. When an element is selected the hero gets it's powers and abilities. All players start with every element at level 1 but they can upgrade and improve that element. Every element, if leveld up give the hero some specific abilities, so for example if my hero gets the fire element at level 2, he learn fireball, at level 3 he learns rain of fire and so on for each elemnents. The Ice Element at level 2 gives Frost Nova.

In this map i tried to create a different way to gain experience.
Killling an enemy hero gives exeprience of course but this isn't the only way to get it. I dropped (for now, nothing is definitive) the idea of adding minions or creeps to farm with, becasue i wanted this to be teamfight oriented as mutch as possible.
Every hero takes experience just by entering the arena and remaining there as long as possible, the more you stay in the arena the more experience you get (like (1xhero level) exp per second.

ElementMenuEx.png Elementmenuopen.png firelvl4.png Firepowers.png fireelepowers.png fireupgrade.png

Final Comment

So that's it. Tell me if you like the concept and if you have suggestion or advices.
I know that some things might be not good, like the experience thing, i know that if there is a team kill the winning team gets a lot of experience advantage, im looking for a solution to this and i hope you can give me some suggestions.
The map is playable 3v3, you just need to open it and write ''debug off'' to start playing as normal, otherwise you can test all the stuff.
The map is not completed yet so there are some issues and maybe some bugs.
I know that the terrain is very bad, i just want some feedback regarding the gameplay, terrain is the last thing i am planning to do.



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Level 11
Oct 9, 2015
Really nice concept idea! I really liked it and it must be really enjoyable with full house. I have made a similar concept for the spells for the combat system I'm working on, instead they are target/point based spells with interacting elements too! I'm definly subbed to it!
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