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Elemental wars! Need ideas!

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Level 6
Jun 23, 2005
Well im trying to make like hero arena typish map. The unique thing in this map will be that every element can affect others more or less.

so far i have been only able to make 3 Spells:
Freezing Aura - slows units movement speed, smaal decreased rege and randomly stuns units affected aura every 3seconds
Freezing Wave - shoots wave of ice that freeze enemy

Third spell has no name because its combination strike:
When you create freezing aura and use freezing wave over it it will create small blast and ice blocks around the aura thingy.

Ideas that i think im gona do:
Inferno - Melts ice/freezing and destroys freezing aura. close range area attack
Firewalk - Hero will run short distance Leaving burning things on ground
Flamethrower - Hero will attack 3 targets at fast rate (channeling ability)
Earth Field - casts multiple impales on smaal area

So I need ideas for spells and if someone is interested I could also use help with this map. Generally you should be able to use some spells to power up others or cancel effect of some element like Inferno > freezing spells.

Also I think im gona add feature that you can get second element in like lvl10 so game wont get boring too fast
Not open for further replies.