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The Elements! need spell ideas.

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Level 6
Jun 23, 2005
I need spell ideas that are based on Ice, Fire, Lightning or Earth.
So these spells will be used on my hero arena/dota/something new type of map. I think im gona create some spells that can power up other abilities
or cancel some effects like inferno > freezing. And freezing field + freezing wave = something new

I have done some spells already.
Flamethrower (channeling spell: rapidly shoots flames to damage enemy)
Flame Warp (Kinda like blink, but has delay and deals some damage to 2 locations)
Inferno(Damages Nearby units and removes ice type buffs)
(need ulti, maybe something based on sun?)

Freezing wave(shoot line of ice that stuns enemies that it hits)
Freezing field(slows enemies movement, degen aura and stuns random units)
Healing orbs(Heals the hero)
+ extra spell if unit is affected by freezing aura and is hit by freezing wave it will take some extra damage and be trapped by ice cubes.
(need ulti)
Not open for further replies.