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(5) Elements RPG: Followers of the Elements

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Level 1
Nov 6, 2007
Elements RPG: Followers of the Elements
Created by Wonderbooze

About the Map:
"Elements RPG: Followers of the Elements" is a fast paced, action-oriented RPG with undertones of silliness. The map is based on one of the original (and most popular) Elements RPG games for StarCraft. I wasted an absurd number of hours of my youth playing the old StarCraft version of the game, so several years ago I decided to create a new-and-improved WC3 version of the game I loved, loosely placed in the Warcraft universe. The project is finally complete!

Archimonde has returned to Azeroth! This time, he is siphoning power from the planet's core to become more powerful than ever. His vile influence has corrupted the inhabitants of Azeroth, and his evil forces have been sent to attack your home village.

As a Follower of the Elements, you have spent your life studying the powers of the elements. With your village under attack, it's time to fight your way to the last bastion against Archimonde's forces: The Temple of the Elements. You must manifest yourself as one of the five powerful elements: Water, Fire, Spirit, Earth, and Wind.

Once your path has been chosen, you must work with your fellow Followers and train your elemental powers. As you gain experience, you will reach new ranks of elemental power, learning new spells and abilities. When you become a Master of the Elements, you will be ready to defeat Archimonde for good.

The map is designed for 5 players, but it plays well with as few as 3.

After selecting your elemental path, you will level up through the elemental hierarchy: Initiate, Acolyte, Priest, Guardian, Hero, and Master. Players spend about half the game with a normal unit. Your experience and progress is tracked on the leaderboard, Starcraft-style. Each rank gives player a bigger, more powerful unit with new abilities. You will earn your Hero of the Elements when you reach the rank of Hero (duh). Once you become a Hero, you will level up from 1-10 as you work towards reaching Archimonde. Experience will still be tracked based on the leaderboard, and heroes will receive special bonuses when they reach certain experience benchmarks.

Players are initially given a countdown timer of 60 minutes to defeat Archimonde before he reaches full power. As you play through the game, boss monsters will spawn throughout the world. Players must cooperate to defeat bosses, which gives all players a huge experience bonus, additional time added to the countdown, and other unique rewards. The game takes about an hour and twenty minutes to complete, so "no, you cannot save" (I get asked this almost every time I host the map).

-13 scripted boss encounters, each with unique tricks and abilities.
-Fully functional quest log. No fluff, no quests that explain how to play the game or "about the author". All quests accurately represent the players goals throughout the game. Players will receive a quest for each boss that spawns, which will contain information and hints on how to defeat the boss, and the reward for killing them.
-5 types of runes to aid players as they fight the forces of evil: Life Rune, Mana Rune, Ultra Rune (uncommon), Blood Rune (rare), Wisp Rune (rare)
-47 unique abilities across all five elements, plus a whole mess of additional abilities for summoned units.
-5 SUPER COOL elements:

Tidal blasts, friendly sea creatures, and rejuvenating spring water. The versatility of Water allows followers to excel in all areas of combat.

Fire specializes in incinerating large groups of enemies, giving Fire the highest damage potential. However, followers who choose Fire have poor stamina and can be defeated easily.

Raise the dead and corrupt the living. Use an army of the undead to do your bidding. Every enemy slain adds to Spirit's mana.

Turn death into life. Aided by the friendly creatures of the forest, the followers of Earth are toughest of all the elements.

The followers of Wind fly and fight at incredible speeds. Wind is all about dispatching enemies as quickly as possible, with little emphasis on survivability.

So with that, have fun and enjoy the map! I'm definitely up for some serious feedback, I want to make this game the best it can be.

Feel free to e-mail me at any time at [email protected].


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