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Elemental Wars 2.8 -Please review

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Level 3
May 11, 2010
Elemental Wars 2.8 (beta)
By the Mixmaster



The game takes place in the elemental planes, made up of eight different elemental realms of Water, Ice, Air, Shadow, Fire, Magma, Earth, and Mud. Travel from one realm to another can be accomplished by either using the ethereal gateway with each realm, or by physically traveling to an adjoining realm. For example, from the Water realm, a player may travel West to the Mud realm, East to the Ice realm, or South (towards the center of map) to enter the ethereal plane, where all realms meet.

Each player begins in the realm of their choosing and is provided with an elemental hero, 4 elemental minions, and an elemental ‘Overlord’ which serves as the main base, upgrade center, and spawner of elemental minions. Overlords can be upgraded up to three times, with each new stage spawning more powerful elementals and access to additional upgrades.


There are four different types of each elemental, which are spawned by elemental overlords every 15 seconds, depending upon the overlord’s level of upgrade. The map has a preset limit of 20 elementals of each type. Once an overload is upgraded, it will only spawn the new elemental type.

Elemental Minions: These small elementals are capable of gathering gold and lumber; as well as summoning a gather nexus, which serves as a drop off point for resources and which can also be upgraded further into various towers for defense. Comparable to a peasant

Elemental Warriors: More powerful than minions, with better life, defense, and attacks. Comparable to a footman.

Elemental Knights: Even more powerful. Comparable to a knight.

Elemental Barons: The ultimate in size and power, along with an additional ability, dependant upon the elemental type.

Map features:

• Continuous gold income, which increases with each payday.
• Additional minions are spawned in map center (every 30 seconds), to provide additional workers even after upgrading an overlord.
• Eight unique large realms, each with its own landscape, creep, and shops
• Eight powerful custom artifacts, known as an elemental orbs. Each provides a unique attack bonus, aura, and summoning power. Warning! Heroes will drop orbs upon death, so they will change hands.
• Four timed stage bonuses, with the first stage providing a second hero and the second visibility across the players realm.
• Killed heroes are respawned by the player’s overlord, after a short delay, depending upon the level of the hero.
• Many custom hero abilities
• Eight separate custom AIs, to allow solo play, or just to fill in for missing players.

This map is in the final stages of development, but I really could use some feedback to get it to gold. Any constructive advice, concerning game play, pathing, custom items, scripting, AIs, terrain, or anything thing else you think would help make this a great map.

I also have a second version of the map, which is the same game, but with no preset teams. If anyone is interested, I can post this version as well.

Screen Shots:





  • Elemental Wars 2.8 teams.w3x
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