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Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2012
Jul 20, 2009
Nov 24, 1983 (Age: 35)


DimapagtantongkunganO, 35, from Philippines

pangahas was last seen:
Nov 22, 2012
    1. Orcnet
      merry christmas! :D
    2. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Hey Pangahas, any word from UDKLearning? :)
    3. pangahas
      Musta sa mga pinoy jan senxa na dnko nagmod ng warcraft3 eh nagmoveon nako sa UDK hehe..
    4. Orcnet
      pangahas :D
    5. eubz
      You are advanced dude... fellow Filipino...
    6. Xian
    7. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Hey Pangahas, how are you these days old friend? ^^
    8. Dawn Whitelighter
      Dawn Whitelighter
      hey there kabayan :)
    9. Orcnet
      filipino! add lng kta a :grin:
    10. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human
      LOL :) Kamusta Pinoy, sali to PRS group! You will receive an invitation PM.

      And are you a modeler?
    11. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      I would love that, your the best.
    12. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      Pang! Come back! We need ya!
    13. pangahas
      during weekends..good thing is I do have a pentab to use right now..as for assignments, I was wondering if the tech tree is final..I don;t feel like working on something that might not be used..I would also like to do some models coz thats what I'm currently focusing on..
    14. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Awesome, so glad to hear it =)
      How much free time do you have?
      Is there anything in-particular you feel like working on or shall we just assign a task and let you at it? :P
    15. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Hey Pangahas, how are you?
      Sorry we've had such a well... cock up with wc4 for want of a better word.
      It's over now, I hope. I'm just wondering whether your still game or whether your a bit busy in life/uninterested anymore. Either is fine, it's your life, live it how you will ^^

      But just so we can get back to handing out tasks or scratch you off the list, cheers!

    16. pangahas
      got to draw, got to do 3d, got to paint..no time, so busy with school
    17. M0rbid
      Heyo, I joined the team for Wc4 and TWIF preapproved me, so yeah, greetings and waiting for work ;)
    18. kola
      hey dude, i've got an idea, just say me if u want, but i would like to make a Concept are thread of all the Wc4 drawings we did (every artist that make a Wc4 drawing could post it on it)

      if u want, im going to post the thread, just answer in my profile.
    19. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Oh did you mean the episode/story?
    20. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Episode title for the video? Sorry i'm not sure what you mean, I thought it was like a cgi trailer :/
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  • About

    Nov 24, 1983 (Age: 35)
    Current Project:
    Gods and Empires - on hold for SC2 conversion
    WARCRAFT IV- 2d art director
    Unnamed project- mini project in preparation for SC2 mapping , next gen hybrid AOS
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:


    I am who I am and I will be what I've always been.I use my mind to see.My hands speak for me.To hear me you must use your eyes and to understand me your heart.This is my world and this is who I am.A world where my life started and will eventually end...
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