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  • Musta sa mga pinoy jan senxa na dnko nagmod ng warcraft3 eh nagmoveon nako sa UDK hehe..
    during weekends..good thing is I do have a pentab to use right for assignments, I was wondering if the tech tree is final..I don;t feel like working on something that might not be used..I would also like to do some models coz thats what I'm currently focusing on..
    Awesome, so glad to hear it =)
    How much free time do you have?
    Is there anything in-particular you feel like working on or shall we just assign a task and let you at it? :p
    Hey Pangahas, how are you?
    Sorry we've had such a well... cock up with wc4 for want of a better word.
    It's over now, I hope. I'm just wondering whether your still game or whether your a bit busy in life/uninterested anymore. Either is fine, it's your life, live it how you will ^^

    But just so we can get back to handing out tasks or scratch you off the list, cheers!

    Heyo, I joined the team for Wc4 and TWIF preapproved me, so yeah, greetings and waiting for work ;)
    hey dude, i've got an idea, just say me if u want, but i would like to make a Concept are thread of all the Wc4 drawings we did (every artist that make a Wc4 drawing could post it on it)

    if u want, im going to post the thread, just answer in my profile.
    yup digital drawing pens..yup just a simple vid.any idea on the episode title for G&E?
    None taken! lol, your art is really awesome - it would suck if everyone's was...
    Pentab is that one of those digital drawing tablets?

    The G&E idea sounds good, didn't you mention it? Showed me an example with god statues inside a temple?
    No offense meant:p ..too bad my pentab broke so it's back to traditional drawings for me..For 3d practice I might make a short vid G&E for promotional purposes also.
    AH! Sneaky use of words there, I like that :p

    So... perhaps I should write a script for a udk amv... hmm :)

    EDIT: Seriously though, your art is freaking sweet - way outta my league :xxd:
    UDK eh :) I still can't fathom the thing :( Wc3 has made me soft! lol My friend's teaching me though slowly... I can actually place objects now ¬.¬ hehe... and and add textures to them... sometimes!
    I've been focusing on my 3d skills lately hehe and also I'm taking part on a UDK project too.So in a weeks time I'm only able yo alot a day or 2 for GAE..
    Any progress?! Threads a bit quiet, no worries/pressure - i'm just more impaitent than the rest :) Spill the beans, what have you been up to (if anything, ofc)?
    oh noes! i have a similar project in (minor) progress, but mine is far less interesting. the basic systems of the game (villagers=resource, taxes) is exactly the same xD.

    anyway good luck with it. seems quite promisin, but cant test today :)
    Do you remember what you asked me to do, or do you currently need anything doing? As to be fair I haven't contributed anything to the project in a good while (my bad) I want to make up for this =)
    And what do you want to do about this No-Import/High Quality Texture idea?
    -> I've run all my tests, encountered no problems on Windows Vista (laptop) and Windows 7 Desktop... both will run together with the 'non-imported' but custom models in the same LAN game.

    -> Sasuhkun is supposedly testing it himself (seeing if the tutorial is understandable) right now, he seems to think its an amazing idea and can think of many uses for it, he's been very supportive :)

    *The top one is most important, I assume the second is the least of your worries right now, though if you would like a demo map or want to convert a version of G&E into this system (so you can see how it would work on your project) just PM/VM me, i'll be on and off quite a lot in the next 5-7 hours, so that's the time to buzz me
    It's looking fantastic man, I mean it's not even officially an alpha (being unplayable) but it's obviously on the write track! More detail on the thread ;)

    EDIT: I can't help but shake the feeling I promised to do something for you a while... back. :confused: Beats me lol - completely fell off the wc3 band wagon from january - to now... do you remember? We did those techtrees didn't we!?

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