W3 Tooltip Creator 1.5

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W3 Tooltip Creator is a program that will help mapmakers creating tooltips.
The program features Rich Text Editor, Tabbed Interface, Own file format ( .TCF for normal files and .TPR for project files ), Creation of Warcraft 3 codes from rich text and vice versa , Ability to rapidly create hero level descriptions, Tooltip Previewer, Create tooltips in warcraft-like interface, Gradient text support, Tray Icon, Color Picker, Ability to edit and save Warcraft III map custom strings. Project is also open source

Tooltip,color picker, create, map

W3 Tooltip Creator 1.5 (Binary)

What does this have that others don't? We already have a lot of these.




What does this have that others don't?
We already have a lot of these.




Nice Programm! (5/5)

there are only some minor improvements i would add:

- an backgroundcolour which can be changed (to see better how the colors of the text look like, because darkbrown on white can be seen better than dark brown on black ;-) )

- own colours which can be chosen with the hex-code to be shure that 2 colors are realy the same. it would be nice if they cold be saved in the program;-)



Level 5
Aug 1, 2008
...It messed my map lol o_O Everything is out of place , text ... everything...
Level 3
Nov 12, 2018
I used it for some time, but now I realy can't recommend it to anyone. I lost data several times for no apparent reason.
Why does it asks me several times, to save stuff, if I just want to close an already saved file/project, and then not saves/ deletes all information anyway? :mad:
I need something more reliable. Also, why are there "Files" and "Projects"? Isn't one type of data enough for a text file?! Since you allow to work with tabs anyway... (Look at Notepad++)

However, it still helped me to speed up my work flow. The basic function to generate colored tooltips works flawless. Only above mentioned features are questionable in my opinion.