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Virus Outbreak - [Mission Ideas]

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Level 7
Dec 10, 2010
I'm out of ideas with missions, bosses and puzzles for my modern zombie survival map project i need ideas from you guys. The map will be custom based on Resident evil, with puzzles, bosses and missions.

= Missions/Puzzles =
1. Name of the mission:
2. Description:
3. Reward:
= Bosses =
1. Name of the boss:
2. Abilities:
3. Primary Attribute:
Level 4
Jun 5, 2010
Suvrive for a set amount of time in a building until helicopters arrive to rescue you (before everyone is dead but after a big amount of people is zombified). In the mission you should be able to close walls and doors, make barricades and put gasoline on fire to burn zombies, and when the time is over, go to the upper floor and escape before zombies get you. A good reward could be some medikits.

A stealth mission: Go through the streets of a big city infested by zombies without making any noise (stepping in the water, touching cars with alarms, say something, fire guns...) and hiding in bushes, under cars... (and of course going unseen) until we arrive a hospital with entrenched suvrivors researching in the cure for the virus.

The reward should be one or two mercenary player-controlled units.

A great final mission would be to suvrive until everyone is dead by using all the weapons avaiable (kill 500 zombies at least, then die). This way it is very tragic.
Level 18
Oct 25, 2006
= Escape the Safe Room =
Synopsis: The heroes are quietly resting in the safe flat they found in town. But when they arrived some zombies spotted them. After few hours, these zombies made so much noise that a horde is coming. Heroes are almost food-off and ammo-off, they have to leave before the zombies invade the building.
Aim: Heroes have low amount of amo, no medikits, nothing at all except weapons. They need to start up a giant alarme (on the roof of the flat) that would attract every zombies. Then they need to run the faster they can at another point in the map (probably in the street).
Difficulties: There's a boss in the street at the end. Since they have low amo at start players need to save them the whole game so they can face him. When the alarme is triggered there are like TONS of zombies.
Reward: None except being still alive. You can use Roleplay to increase the feeling of reward "Now you have been attacked in your safe room, you know how to avoid zombies to find you, you will never be trapped again in such a situation".

= Powerfield Generators =
Synopsis: Heroes have made it to a powerplant they need to reactivate. The power will be used to send a radio/other stuff signal to some other survivors.
Aim: Heroes have to activate three or four different generators in the powerplant and then go to the radio room to call other survivors.
Difficulties: Each time a generator is activated it triggers a wave of zombies and call a mini boss (the same for each generator). Until heroes have made it into the radio room they have to survive until the one who's transmetting the message has been done.
Reward: New choice among heroes (dont know how your map works) ? New survivors (like mercenaries) ? Safe helicopters ? End of the game ? Dont know.

= Stand Together =
Synopsis: Heroes found a survivor "colony" in a random flat down town. They slept few nights and became close to the inhabitants. The flat is assaulted and heroes can let them being zombified.
Aim: Defend the flat for a certain amount of time. The inhabitants also have some weapons (melee or guns) and they defend every possible entries.
Difficulties: At start there is only one place where zombies can enter. The longer it lasts the more entries zombies will create. Some mini bosses can be spawn. Inhabitants must not die.
Reward: New weapons, food for several days, medikits, new survivor friends, fuel and car ?

= Face the Decease =
Synopsis: Heroes finally found the origins of the infection: a dark and lost lab in the middle of the desert. Once they make sure there werent any zombies outside the lab, heroes decide to enter in in order to find why and how the decease has been released, and why not, find a cure.
Aim: Heroes have to find the mother seed of the virus in a first place. Then they have to go in the lower floor in order to search for the Cure. Once they have it, they have to make their way out.
Difficulties: The mother seed is defended by a mini boss. Regular zombies are much more stronger, there are a lot of Scientist Zombies who are contamined from the very beginning, so again more stronger. The Cure is defend by the headmaster of the Scientist who tested different virus than the regular contamination. These tests have gave him several powers.
Reward: Able to Cure the infection.

. The Homeless
Strength - Melee, high damages and hit points, low attack and movement speed - Each hit has a chance to decrease damages and armor of the target - Appears at the end of the mission "Escape the Safe Room"

. Security Guards
Strength - Weapon: Gun / Tazzer, high hit points, fast attack and movement speed - Each hit has a chance to paralyse the target - Appears each time the heroes activated a generator in the mission "Powerfield Generators"

. Jumper
Agility - Weapon: Melee, low damages and hit points, fast attack speed and movement speed - Each hunter is opening a new entry in the securized flat - Appears in the mission "Stand together"

. Scientist
Inteligence - Melee, low damages and hit points, low attack speed and movement speed - Has a chance to contaminate survivors, has a chance to spawn wave of zombies uppon death, has a chance to explode on death, making nearby heroes priority targets for zombies - Defend the mother cure in the mission "Face the Decease"

. Headmaster of the Institute
Inteligence - Melee, high damages and low hit points, low attack speed and high movement speed - Has a chance to contaminate survivors, has a chance to spawn wave of zombies uppon death, has a chance to explode on death, making nearby heroes priority targets for zombies - Defend the cure in the mission "Face the Decease"
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Tried to come with something creative :)

In an attempt to leave the city, a large amount of the citys population was trapped inside their vehicles in a big deathlock, where the virus spread like wildfire. This causes a gigantic security thread, as the zombies continuesly escapes one by one from the cars and provides a constant stream of zombies.
Objectives: Place tactical explosives in the middle of the zombie infested deathlock to exterminate the tread. If more deathlock has formed during the apocalypse, then you eventually have to destroy them all.
Notes: If ambulances and busses was trapped inside the deathlock, zombie passengers will spawn instant when engaging them.
Difficulty: Hard - Extreme
Rewards: Lowers the stream of zombies and reveals a hidden safety box hidden beneath the asphalt. Containing various items.

The hospitals has always been a very dangerous area during the zombie apocalypse. Infected persons would been have stockpiled inside them as they were being treated for the virus. But a problem has occurred, one of your friends have befallen a dangerous syndrome which needs immediate treatment, and the medicine is to dangerous to keep in a normal pharmaceutical.
Objectives: Get into the secured medicine room inside the hospital and bring back 10 doses of the treatment (item).
Notes: There might not be enough medicine in the room, and the survivors might have to scavenge the whole hospital to get the last threatments.
Difficulty: Hard - Extreme
Rewards: Various scavenged pharmaceuticals from the hospital and the syndrome is cured.
Level 8
Dec 6, 2010

you lose your weapons and must survive the level using your skills in stealth and cunning.
more like a Splinter Cell spy mission:)
Reward: you get a camo suit:)


you get to a point where you enter doors that lead to another group of doors, and so on.. there are many different exits, but only one leads to life.. you must really on clues and your senses to lead you to the right way.. (sound effects and doodads could get pretty useful in this part)
Reward: you get medipacks at the exit
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