Virus Infection 0.71

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Map Thread
Map Thread
Map Thread

Map description:

Body Defenders: Have to protect The Human Body and his organs from the viruses and to destroy all viruses that are inside the body.

Viruses: Have to Kill The Human Body by killing:
The Stomach to stop Pills from coming. When you kill The stomach Anti-Virus Cloud will be released and a lot of Pills, as a last resort of The Body and the doctors to eliminate the viruses.
The Heart to stop the T-Bodys, Mature T-Bodys, White Blood Cells and the Antibodies from coming.
The Brain to win the game.

Ebola (Easy) - This strain need only more and more units killed to grow stronger. For every killed enemy unit new unit will be spawned from it 1 level lower than the killing unit. This strain is good for players that play for first time the map becouse it's very powerfull strain in the begining. In late game when there don't have alot of enemies to be killed you will be unable to have alot of units.

Hantavirus (Normal) - This virus is highly adaptive, he need to kill enemy units to gain skills. Different units of this strain gain different skills after a number of kills.

Evolution (Hard) - This strain need time to evolve and grow stronger. You have to keep you units from dying when they are low on hp becouse when they evolve their hp will be full again. If you choose this strain you have to wait most of the time for your units to grow stronger to be able to fight. The last evo units of this strain are very good for late game.

Note: In the Lungs you can find spores and with them you can spawn bacteries which can multiply very fast.

Entire Map Preview


The Stomach


The Heart


Body Defenders Area


The Brain


Body Units


Virus Units



Terrain improvements
Minor balances and changes
Some new things
It's ok now
2 much bugs :)
everything is OK
Patient no longer have 2 hearts :D
Heart revive system reworked
Minor terrain changes
Some minor text errors fixed
Decreased attack speed of all units
Reduced fog (it was 2 much)
now all things must be fixed
Fixed crash caused when day/night switching when hero have the night ability and is dead
Few triggers are reworked
Little terain changes
fixed strain choosing window
few things fixed
few things changed

Reworked the day/night ability trigger
Reduction aura finaly fixed
Win/Loose triggers reworked
most of the triggers reworked/fixed
Fixed the text in Quest menu (F9)
Fixed some errors in the triggers
Now the heroes are placed at random points
Regen Aura is now triggered so it have to fully work
Added some info for Virus units
Minor balances on Hantavirus units skills
Attempt to fix the bug where the unit is evolving when it's devoured and new unit appear ot the place of devouring
Fixed the bug where the mana of the Strand a Virus is over and the Regeneration ability keep working
Changed the special effect of the Regeneration ability
Increased the level of Evolution Training by 1 level
Gold income by diferent nucleuses fixed (2,3,4) as it should be
Now you recive 5 stats when you choose your strain
Map performance slightly improved
If player don't choose strain within 2 minutes the game will choose random
Fixed the bug where your strain don't appear after you choose it
Few triggers optimized

Reworked the evolution trigger in order to improve the game performance (test phase only report bugs please)
Reworked the income system now have to be more accurate
Increased the sight of the worms now you are able to select them if they are alone
Fixed the text when u build T-Cell Tower and the text "kill old" pop up
Fixed the bug where you deactivate the Regeneration ability and it keep healing
Units not evolving when mana reach 0 is fixed now
The lag when attempts for reviving the heart is slightly reduced
Nucleus now have 400 hp, 200 seconds respawn time and +2 income
Nucleus now have 450 hp, 302 seconds respawn time and +3 income
Nucleus now have 500 hp, 405 seconds respawn time and +4 income
Body Defenders no longer can choose strains (sorry for this bug)
Now is displayed to all players the results of voting for income and Friendly Fire
Minor ingame/text improvements
Now body defenders have 1 Red Blood Cell in the begining which will harves ATP
Not creating Unit Producer after 2 minutes if you don't choose one is fixed
Few Triggers are optimized
Decreased the Evolution time of Strand B Viruses and Fighting Strands
Changed the hotkey of Suicide and now you can target a unit or point with it
Finally fixed the Win/Loose Triggers
The cost of Evolution Upgrade is decreased
Changed the tooltip for Regeneration Aura
Minor changes to Regeneration Aura mechanics
Reduced the chance to be spawned Pill when attacking the heart and the stomach is still alive from 49 to 39
Minor problem related to Win/Loose Triggers fixed
The Immune System is no longer killing it's own units
Descriptions in the Quests are more clear now and few things removed/reworked
In game help text is also reworked to be more understandable
When new nucleus is created and units owned by immune system are exceeding the maximum unit count the nucleus is now created instead of removed
Added some colorful things
Now you can't have more than 60 bacterias (if you summon them with item you can)
Decreased evolution time of Strand B Virus
Decreased acquisition range of all Worms
Decreased acquisition range of Ebola-Sudan
Decreased acquisition range of Phlebovirus
Increased acquisition range of Nairovirus
Removed few leaks
Max spores per lung set to 11
Fixed some leaks
Small terrain changes
Few text changes
Some triggers optimized a bit
Added few new special effects to Hantavirus units
Added in game credits for the models used

Attempt to fix the Win/Loose trigger
Added loading screen description for players
Added "repick" function/command, you can use it only once
Now you have 60 seconds to choose/repick your strain instead of 120 seconds
Fixed some of the typos
Changed all hotkeys to Q,W,E,R,T,Y Z,X,C,V,B,N
Changed the armor type of the Pills from Fortified to Hero
Increased the armor of the Pills from 1 to 2
Limited the amount of Pills that Body Defenders can produce to 10
Increased the Pills cost from 215 to 250
Heart is now Revived even if the unit limit for the Body is exceeded
Ability Night for virus heroes changed from value to percentage
Added debug for the Nucleuses spawning on the center of the map
Limited the Units that the Immune System can produce
Nerfed all of the updates
Slightly improved the Chance for a better nucleus to be created
2.50 seconds income
Nucleus 55%
Nucleus 35%
Nucleus 10%
3.50 seconds income
Nucleus 48%
Nucleus 39%
Nucleus 13%
4.50 seconds income
Nucleus 41%
Nucleus 43%
Nucleus 16%
Reworked the color of each Nucleus
Infected Blood Cells no longer damage the Red blood Cells near the mouth
Fixed the Night ability for viruses not working correctly night time
Changed some of the info in the F9 Menu
Fixed finally the Night Aura not working properly
Another attempt to fix the Winning for the Body Defenders
Added "income" command it display your current income
Changed the limit of level two Red Blood Cell from 90 to 70 per player
Now the Nucleuses are regenerating slowly only during night
Switched the colors of the first 2 Nucleuses so now the darker they are the more gold they give.
When your units are close to Nucleus they are regenerating faster
Increased the time between each upgrade that the Computer units are getting for their units
Decreased the cost of "Virus Adaptation" and "Creature Carapace" upgrades
Decreased the evolution time of Strain B Virus and the Fighting Strand slightly
Changed some of the stats for the Suicide ability of the Infecters
Disease Cloud ability of the Infecters is working now
Nerfed the Night Aura a lot it was just to much OP
Added new ability Way of Evolution to the Nucleuses
Recoloring all of the Text to fit more the game
Fixed the description of the Suicide, Parasite and few other abilities
Maximum Hero level increased to 50
Changed the Hero Model to the Cancer model because any way there will not be Cancer any time soon
Increased the time for the Body Defenders units to be created
Few visual fixes
Credits updated
Night Aura defense reduction must be correct now
Defense upgrades doesn't increase the defense value of the Pills
The hero restored to its preview model
The hero is more easy to notice when there are a lot of units around it
Decreased the base defense of the small and big Anti body by 2
Decreased the damage of the small and big Anti Body by 5 and 10
Fixed the "income" command to display the current time per income
Slightly increased the time that the Body upgrade his units from normal to strong
Decreased the time required to revive your hero
Fixed the fatal error causing warcraft to close without any reason
Spore item no longer have green icon
New model for the spore
The Immune System now must spawn units more accurate depending on the players in the virus team
0.68 Under Construction
Things done so far:
Pills gain armor as they did before
Default armor of Pills set to 0
Added "ps" command to check the other Players Strains
Added random when you are choosing your strain
Things to do:
To find out how to make the Body Defenders more busy and buffed
Fixed the problem related to the Strain Choosing not appearing
Added "-ms", "-move speed" command to check your hero move speed
Added "-clear" to clear your screen from all of the Game Messages
Attempt to fix the critical error but that is maybe related to the new ability Way of Evolution
Some minor fixes for few triggers

Fixed Way of Evolution not increasing it's level
The fatal error that cause the game to close is fixed
Fixed the "-ms" command to display correct value
Time to "-repick" is now 60 seconds as it should be
Fixed a bug with Nucleus not spawning at some points or spawning at the center of the map

Please post any bugs/suggestion that you find/have here or email me.

republicola - For the Heart model
armel - For the T-Body/Mature T-Body model
Markus3832 - For the Baby Worm and Bacteria models
Callahan - For the Brain model
Pyritie - For the Red Blood Cell model
killst4r - For the T-Cell Tower model
oinkerwinkle - For the Antibody model
Dark Hunter1357 - For the Pill model
NoMAd - For the basics of the system that is adding skills to Hantavirus units
Zerox - For the Spore (item) model
For contacts [email protected]
Original map by Velex continued by me

virus, infection, defense, evolution, cell, heart, brain, immune, system, blood, bacteria, body, worm, egg, stomach.

Virus Infection 0.71 (Map)

15th Sept 2010 ap0calypse: Permanently Rejected. Reason? You. 08:05, 17th Jun 2008 Septimus: Good Point [+] Kinda spooky if you think about your own body. [+] Kinda interesting Bad Point [-] Minor bug detected, attack indicator for...




15th Sept 2010
ap0calypse: Permanently Rejected.
Reason? You.

08:05, 17th Jun 2008

Good Point

[+] Kinda spooky if you think about your own body.
[+] Kinda interesting

Bad Point

[-] Minor bug detected, attack indicator for resistant infected cell seem to be stacking
[-] Waiting for the mana until it able to evolve is very long
[-] Among of gold can be gather is very low and the price of the unit is high, please fix it.
[-] Virus seem to had disadvantage at beginning.

Overall - 4/5
Level 2
Oct 7, 2007
im sorry holy shit this retarded guy called pileopoop said he made all of the virus infections and me message i wrote b4 is to him not onix noob if u see a guy called pileopoop DONT PLAY WITH HIM he is a noob tker im sorry about that other message

: ( : :) :) :) (
Level 2
Aug 29, 2008
Well i can say map has clear gameplay but you could improve a bit nucleus like in early versions and bacteria don't think it's bit imbalance? Body defenders poor units :/ vs. full evoluated worms and multipling bacterias no chances
Level 4
Jul 28, 2008
Wow, much more improved from the original versions from Velex, but i really have to say if you were to do what scoobydoo did (Add multiple types of viruses) It would improve the game play so much. Instead of just having one hero type with... i think 4 types of units? Multiple heroes that have multiple functions with different pros and cons (Not all just to take over the nucleus, such as a worm which would breed in the stomach or lungs). Another suggestions would make the "Producer" have a peasant icon in the bottom left or a hero icon in the top left it's much more convenient then having to type out producer. I'm not sure what you've done too the immune system but i'm not a big fan of it....upgradeable vacuole...? (Vacuole's are storage zones for water/food) Pills making T-Towers (Which doesn't work you need to give them the repair ability bud) is somewhat stupid.... You should really take a look at scoobydoo's version Virus Infection BETA 21b - Warcraft 3 Maps - because his version out dos yours (no offense) Good luck with the map
Level 7
Sep 5, 2006
I believed this version was better than the older versions , since in older version, the virus stand no chance at the start, and can't even take the middle with max techs.
Level 4
Jul 28, 2008
Keep the updates comin' dude, they all look fine so far. But for the different types of viruses put in new heroes for that virus type (Choas orc? wtf? a better model please!) makes the game really bland when they're all the same. More colorful spells too, be innovative, not just renamed vampire aura. And, possible try out a virus that's based all on hero that can't take over cells, like worms.

Btw, the immune system are based in lymph nodes....vacuoles are just storage points for waste and water...]

Why is the icon for the virus builders a wyvern?

When playing the immune system how do you take nucleolus back and use them so you can mine off them? Why do pills create buildings, why not stem cells?
Also, do you realize how unbalanced the immune system is? 7k for an upgrade is horrendous...that would take at least a hour if you weren't building units. Why don't they have any heroes....?
Last edited:
Level 8
May 30, 2008
I agree with you Royy that there is nood from some new models, icons and cosmetic changes, but my imagination have limits and without ideas from other ppls at the moment i can't do nothing exept balance.
sanitoeter for first time i heard for somthing like this, problem is in your warcraft
Level 6
May 11, 2008
man i love your game altough is not original, is excellent, here I left you some ideas:

-a new hero, who doesnt make units and dont have a unit producer, he also dont uses wood to get more agilty, int...etc. he uses wood to evolve and get a new form, there are many evolution ways, for example a evolution which improves your phisical atributes, another evolution that makes you improve your speed and other that gives you a lot of spells and mana. You can only choose one evolution, once you evolve you get new types of evolutions appart from your new atributes.
The hero should evolve 3 times at least, depending on which evolutions you took your final form will be diferent. For Example:
you evolvo to a phisycal form, once you did that you will need to get more wood killing units,to evolve again, this new form will provide this other evolutions: Continue with phisycal evolution(same good things and bad things), evolve to a rage virus(good damage, bad armor), evolve to a caparace virus(good armor bad damage) and evolve to a tank virus ( good damage and armor, bad speed ).
just an example.

-a new hero, it doesnt make units or evolve. he only gain units when he kill units, he has unit producer but is called unit upgrade and only contains upgrades for the units you gain.

-another idea is to give body defenders, weak heros with very good abilities(i´m sure someone told u this before).

-other idea but this is something not really necesary. More organs in they body, when they are alive they give or do important things for the body and for body defenders, until they are destroyed.

Hope this help you.
Level 8
May 30, 2008
New heroes

The working on new hero is stoped better make every strain to have his own hero please give suggestions for new heroes (hero model and skills)
And please play the map at least 2-3 times to know for what i am talking, and please let's your ideas be balanced.
(credits will be given :wink:)

(i will add new heroes but after moths or maybe never i am tired of thinking what new, what new) :bored:
Level 3
May 17, 2008
You forgot one Important thing: Cancer :p
It'd be great if you could make it a hero that evolves and gets exp faster or stats faster,
That can't produce units... And so on ;)
Maybe you could make him a no-team-player, so hes the Freerunner and against all ;)
Oh, and, if you want to i could make some things for you like Models or help with triggers etc.
Maybe new terrain, but it's great already...
So, think about it, i need the training ;)
Level 2
Nov 6, 2008
I really liked it, but the sound that played after i pwn the brain take me a bit scared o_o
and continue upgrading! it can be MOAR awesome!
Level 8
May 30, 2008
Those things was fixed long time ago and becouse of the fact that immune system is 70% controled by a computer there is no way at the moment this map to be played by noob players. In this new version few bugs are fixed and some triggers are reworked, but evolution time may be changed but i don't know when for now looks ok 2 me :smile:
Level 1
May 9, 2009
The defence of the organs is very strong. Anyway this map is good. I hope, you will make new versions.
Level 2
Jan 9, 2009
Although the beginning is very hard(for newbies or etc) it gets easier with time

I tried this game solo at first to see how far I could go. The only race I couldn't use good at first time was evolution, because I tend to rush :p

Even though the bacteria are very week, they can multiply in a somewhat fast speed, which is awesome.
I wouldn't say they're overpowered, because they 'act' as bacteria(divide into 2 which can divide into 2... and use little energy) but with good tactics I was able to use them as my main attack force :p

If I let the body act for more time I'd probably lose, but I really liked the interactivity (doctor/ heart revival, etc)
I just wished the brain was stronger ...

Also, when I checked the help, there are some parts which are not complete(don'tknow why though)

Finally, I haven't found any information on blood cells and how to infect them. I assumed that they got infected when they passed through my viruses, but that's as far as I could go :p
Level 1
May 9, 2009
You are right. It is easier, if you know, what you can do. :)
I think you can make one more unit for each race.
Level 8
May 30, 2008
You are right. It is easier, if you know, what you can do. :)
I think you can make one more unit for each race.

The problem the creativity is not my best ability and i have no idea what other to add

Very bad is that you can kill nucleuses if attacking with to much units / strong units.
then the attacker attacks after the nucleus is already yours so amybe make it invurneable for 2 seconds...

The nucleuses/cells are fragile things so i decide if they got 2 much dmg for the last hit they to die
Level 4
Dec 11, 2008
I have been playing this map a few times and I have won 1 time by a mistake of the body defence ..

I still think the body is kinda OP even if you play well ... I mean who can ever stand up against an army of 10 anti bodies and 1 anti virus cloud ?
I think you should at least make antibodies cost some more like : 500 , or 1k
to keep the balance... because a mass of antibodies can kill about anything ..
Level 12
Jul 30, 2009
The map is a good idea, and i like it, but first:
I agree with everything Septimus said. And the game is really unbalanced. WITHOUT the defense players the body owns the viruses. With, there are no words to such mass destruction. Of course that in the realism it IS like that, people don't die everyday by some skinny virus. But there are 8 virus in Bob, that's quite a punch. And bob can receive a LOT of pain, or whatever, but he can defeat all those virus so easily? And in a game everyone must have a equal chance of winning in the beggining, so... well, you got me. Work more on this. 3/5
Level 8
May 30, 2008
I have been playing this map a few times and I have won 1 time by a mistake of the body defence ..

I still think the body is kinda OP even if you play well ... I mean who can ever stand up against an army of 10 anti bodies and 1 anti virus cloud ?
I think you should at least make antibodies cost some more like : 500 , or 1k
to keep the balance... because a mass of antibodies can kill about anything ..

yep there was few times where mass of antibodie just kill me for few seconds but i was alone. If the game is full body defenders will not kill you with 12 antibodies