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  • Your map, "The truth beyond Might!", is not fully translated to English. If you do not fix this, your map will be rejected within a week.
    ok now i have time and i've played your map i dont know if you already need this feedback hmmm lets begin:
    1) Why is a human child growing up to a orc warrior thats a bit strange
    2) If you're going to enter a ship your pet wont follow it
    3) Its realy hard at beginning and after choosing a class its not easyier you could
    make the heros a little bit stronger
    4) Let your pet growing up while training if your pet reaches the max lvl it should
    become a bigger dragon or something and it should learn some more abilitys
    5) Ok this ability buing system isnt that bad but the spells you've buyed cant be
    upgraded these spells are to weak

    Hmm i hope it helpes you a bit if i found something more i'll post it =D
    yeah i saw the new picture :D and i can check out your map for bugs or something. if i have the time i'll test it then i'll give you a feedback ;)
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