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  • Yeah... I played RE III when I was 5-6 years old.. xD

    AND I completed it xD
    some one take a look of this guy he is only spaming "this is good", "this is no good", "this is old" and i see one your post "theres nothing that pops out causing my pants to be soaked with urine" you are have amazing mind KID full with ideas but the bad point is that all of them are stupid and if you wonna your pants to be "soaked with urine" go in some country of the 3rd world and hit some one 1 time and then you will be amazing what 1 move can do for your emotions and you will realize that for every your move will have anti-move i am wondering why admins make my rep - for 1 post but they don't ban you after 100-200 unuseful posts, maybe admins tolerate spam or what??

    You had been seen to constantly posting a post that could lead into flaming, trolling and harassment. If you had any negative comment/opinion, please post it in much better way.

    The mod/admin had given you several chances to stop doing that. If you continue to do so, the mod/admin might had no choice but to give a much serious punishment compare to given negative reputation.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Greetings. I have read your complains against aaa90ii, but I need solid evidence to confirm it.
    Send me a private message linking to the original versions of the map.
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