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Version 1.46 released!

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
Version 1.46 is released, featuring a smaller mapsize, resolved balance issues and improved tactical value! Download it now.

  • Firestorm Phoenix's air immolation damage increased.
  • Firestorm Phoenix HP increased.
  • Artifacts now appear closer to Red Land.
  • Legendary: Myojin Divided Rage damage increased.
  • Legendary: Myojin Incinerate AOE damage increased.
  • Legendary: Myojin Blazing Flare range increased.
  • Legendary: Myojin Blazing Flare damage increased.
  • Legendary: Myojin damage reduced.

  • Clone duration increased.
  • Clone damage taken reduced.
  • Clone damage done reduced.
  • Clone manacost increased.
  • Leviathan HP slightly reduced.
  • Legendary: The Unspeakable Tornado (building damage) increased.
  • Legendary: The Unspeakable Crystallize range increased.
  • Legendary: The Unspeakable Tidal Wave: Enraged Water Elementals damage increased.
  • Spell: Flood duration increased.

  • Sabretooth Cobra damage increased.
  • Sabretooth Cobra now spits from its mouth, not its chest.
  • Spider's Web ability is now by default TURNED OFF. (Will make Cloudcrown Oaks & Whirlwind more effective as an anti-air.)
  • Legendary: Jolrael damage increased.
  • Legendary: Jolrael's Call of the Crows spell has been renamed to Birds of Paradise.
  • Spell: Stream of Life duration reduced with 8 seconds.
  • Spell: Stream of Life healing power reduced by 5 points/second.

  • Savannah Lions damage increased.
  • Savannah Lions HP increased.
  • Paladin of Pravh Divine Shield cooldown increased.
  • Paladin of Pravh damage reduced.
  • Paladin of Pravh's Glory healing done reduced.
  • Paladin of Pravh's Glory cooldown reduced.
  • Legendary: Radiant HP reduced.
  • Legendary: Radiant Pillar of Light healing done reduced.
  • Legendary: Radiant Pillar of Light duration reduced.
  • Legendary: Radiant Pillar of Light cooldown reduced.
  • Spell: Evangelize: Amount of converted units increased.

  • Sengir Bats HP reduced.
  • Sengir Bats damage reduced.
  • Mana Skimmer Mana Flare damage increased.
  • Mana Skimmer Feedback damage increased.
  • Serpent Warriors now look slightly different from Generated Serpent Warriors.
  • Nightstalkers now have Pact of the Nightstalker, which sacrifices another Nightstalker for life and mana.
  • Artifacts now appear closer to Black Land.
  • Nightstalker HP reduced.
  • Legendary: Lim'dul's Plague and Pestilence cooldown increased.
  • Legendary: Lim'dul's Rapid Decay now reduces 20% more damage done by the target.
  • Spell: The Death Pit's HP increased.
  • Spell: Intimidate buffed: Enemy creatures now STOP upon cast.
  • Spell: Intimidate buffed: Enemy movement speed reduced by 40%.
  • Spell: Worms of the Earth: Defensive Worms now appear closer to Black Land.
  • Spell: Worms of the Earth: Amount of Worms that appear in Middle reduced.
  • Spell: Worms of the Earth: Worms can no longer be summoned by the Wizard's Summoning spell.

  • Mana Battery now works differently: Adds 200 mana every 5 seconds if owner got more than 5000 mana.
  • Artifacts now have a much smaller collision radius.
  • Increased Vision radius on middle land.
  • Map Size reduced. (at the cost of player loading bars, but whatcha gonna do.)
  • Vulturous Zombie no longer has a custom skin.
  • Range of Firemane Angel's Fierce Protection drastically increased.
  • Mechanical creatures are now called "Unsummonable". This refers to the Wizards' "Summoning" spell.
  • TIPS now only tell a color's strengths, not its weakness. New players will have to figure that one out themselves.
  • TIPS now appear every 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
  • Added JetFangInferno to the credits as author of the Enraged.mdx buff.
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