Version 1.49 Released! (09-02-09)

Level 22
Jul 18, 2004
Summon: Decreased the standard attackdamage of Ball Lightning.
Legendary: Increased the HP on Balthor the Stout's Titan Spirit.
Legendary: Increased the damage done by Balthor the Stout's Titan Spirit's Thunderclap.
Legendary: Increased Balthor the Stout's INT.

Summon: Fixed a bug with the neutral "Giant Crab" in Blue's lands.
Legendary: Increased Myojin of Seeing Wind's INT.
Legendary: Increased Myojin of Seeing Wind's AGI.
Legendary: Myojin of Seeing Wind's Freezing Orb will now travel forwards indefinitely.
Spell: Deflection now has a 5 minute cooldown timer.

Legendary: Increased Verdeloth the Ancient's attack damage.
Legendary: Increased Verdeloth the Ancient's INT.
Legendary: Verdeloth the Ancient can now attack air units. He's tall enough.
Spell: Choking Vines - Fixed a bug which Green could abuse to have more than 4 Venomous Vines at once.
Spell: Living Lands now has a 5 minute cooldown timer.

Summon: Upon death, Paladin of Pravh will become 'Dismounted Paladin of Pravh' and continue fighting. While dismounted his strength is roughly equal to that of a Kjeldoran Guard. While this is a buff to the creature itself, it also means his mounted version can no longer be resurrected or reanimated.
Legendary: Radiant, Archangel can now attack air units. She's not an angel for nothing.
Legendary: Increased Jareth, Leonine Titan's INT.
Legendary: Increased Jareth, Leonine Titan's attackspeed.
Legendary: Jareth, Leonine Titan's Savannah Savagery will now summon more Lions.
Spell: Circle of Protection now has a 5 minute cooldown timer.

Summon: Removed the Nightstalker's "Pact of the Nightstalkers" ability.
Legendary: Changed the way Baron Sengir's Sacrifice ability works. It is now bug-free and, ontop of its old effect, immediately restores health to Baron Sengir. It can now also target air creatures.
Legendary: Decreased the cooldown and manacost of Baron Sengir's Dark Flight ability.
Legendary: Decreased the cooldown on Baron Sengir's Intimidate ability.
Legendary: Baron Sengir's Damned Servitude ability is now ranged.
Legendary: Increased Baron Sengir's INT.
Spell: Increased the HP of Mind Rot nodes.
Spell: Very slightly increased the elemental mana gained from sacrificing Plague Rats.

Mass Attack now always targets the middle of the targetted area.
Summoning creatures now works differently. Your Wizard will summon a creature of your choice every 2 seconds, as long as it stands on the creature's beacon. Once you run out of mana, reach the maximum amount of in-play creatures or move your Wizard off of the beacon, the summoning stops.
Fixed a bug with Armageddon Clock. It should now always work correctly.
There are now 5 Deprecated Zombies in the Middle at the start, up from 4. They will easily kill a level 1 Wizard.
Updated the loading screen to reflect in-game changes.