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Magic the Gathering SC 1.48

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
Apologies for making a thread in Map Development once again, but I have as of yet not received any Private Message back from the moderators in regards to re-enabling the Hosted status of my map. MTG: SC as for now remains in the 'Project Depository' subforum, despite me reactivating it.

Version 1.48 is released! Most important changes being the removal of the hated Armageddon Zombies, and the increased gameplay speed.

Slightly decreased the size of red's area.
Legendary: Increased Balthor the Stout's attack damage.
Legendary: Upon casting Pact of the Titans (Balthor Ultimate ability), player red will now automatically select the Titan Spirit.
Spell: Meteor Shower duration slightly decreased.
Spell: Meteor Shower deals slightly less damage.
Spell: Gratuitous Violence no longer targets dead units.
Spell: Hammer of Bogardan now has a more Hammer-y graphic.

Summon: Decreased attack damage of Air Elementals.
Summon: Slightly decreased attack damage of Storm Elementals.
Summon: Slightly decreased the HP of Storm Elementals.
Spell: Increased the overall deadliness of Ætherplasms, spawned by Consuming Vortex.
Spell: Consuming Vortex now targets more randomly.
Spell: Consuming Vortex lasts longer.
Spell: Flood duration slightly decreased.

Summon: Increased Argothian Pixie attack damage.
Summon: Increased Cloudcrown Oak HP
Spell: Decreased the Health and Damage of Protectors of the Land (Living Lands).
Spell: Choking Vines duration decreased.
Spell: Choking Vines now also spawns numerous Venomous Vines in the middle. These stationary creatures are permanent, have Poison Sting, and can burrow.
Spell: Stream of Life no longer gives temporary vision of enemy areas under the Fog of War.

Legendary: Increased Jareth; Leonine Titan's attack damage.
Legendary: Removed Jareth ability: Prey on the Plains
Legendary: New ability for Jareth: Savannah Savagery. This ability summons a large amount of uncontrollable, hostile Savannah Lions that attack random targets.
Spell: Divine Retribution no longer spawns in enemy territories.
Spell: Wrath of God no longer destroys Hunting Pack Wolves, Tidal Couriers or Brine Elementals.

Slightly decreased the size of black's area.
Legendary: Baron Sengir no longer uses a custom model.
Legendary: Increased Baron Sengir's attack damage.
Legendary: Increased radius on Baron Sengir's Intimidation
Legendary: Reduced cooldown on Baron Sengir's Dark Flight.
Legendary: Reduced cooldown on Baron Sengir's Damned Servitude
Legendary: Increased healing done by Baron Sengir's Sacrifice.
Legendary: Sengir Vampires may now be targetted for Sacrifice.
Legendary: Baron Sengir now has a minor passive Lifesteal.
Legendary: Decreased Lim'dul the Necromancer's attack damage.
Spell: Increased sight radius on Terror.
Spell: Dark Ritual removed.
Spell: NEW: Mind Rot - All enemy players are unable to cast spells or summon creatures for 25 seconds.

Artifact: Removed Old Armageddon Clock. Armageddon Zombies are no longer in-game, except the 4 in the middle at the start of the match (now aptly named Deprecated Zombies).
Artifact: Introduced New Armageddon Clock. Equally dangerous, less annoying. Has three abilities, each one like White's "Wrath of God" ability, but increasing in power the more mana is spent.
Artifact: Mana Battery now works while the owner has above 1000 Elemental Mana, down from 5000.
Artifact: All Artifacts can now be walked through by units.
Summon: Doubled the Elemental Mana gain from killing Tier 1, 2 and 3 Spawned units, to improve gamespeed.
Doubled the Elemental Mana gained every 5 seconds, to improve gamespeed.


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