Version 1.48 Released! (02-02-09)

Level 23
Jul 18, 2004

Slightly decreased the size of red's area.
Legendary: Increased Balthor the Stout's attack damage.
Legendary: Upon casting Pact of the Titans (Balthor Ultimate ability), player red will now automatically select the Titan Spirit.
Spell: Meteor Shower duration slightly decreased.
Spell: Meteor Shower deals slightly less damage.
Spell: Gratuitous Violence no longer targets dead units.
Spell: Hammer of Bogardan now has a more Hammer-y graphic.

Summon: Decreased attack damage of Air Elementals.
Summon: Slightly decreased attack damage of Storm Elementals.
Summon: Slightly decreased the HP of Storm Elementals.
Spell: Increased the overall deadliness of Ætherplasms, spawned by Consuming Vortex.
Spell: Consuming Vortex now targets more randomly.
Spell: Consuming Vortex lasts longer.
Spell: Flood duration slightly decreased.

Summon: Increased Argothian Pixie attack damage.
Summon: Increased Cloudcrown Oak HP
Spell: Decreased the Health and Damage of Protectors of the Land (Living Lands).
Spell: Choking Vines duration decreased.
Spell: Choking Vines now also spawns numerous Venomous Vines in the middle. These stationary creatures are permanent, have Poison Sting, and can burrow.
Spell: Stream of Life no longer gives temporary vision of enemy areas under the Fog of War.

Legendary: Increased Jareth; Leonine Titan's attack damage.
Legendary: Removed Jareth ability: Prey on the Plains
Legendary: New ability for Jareth: Savannah Savagery. This ability summons a large amount of uncontrollable, hostile Savannah Lions that attack random targets.
Spell: Divine Retribution no longer spawns in enemy territories.
Spell: Wrath of God no longer destroys Hunting Pack Wolves, Tidal Couriers or Brine Elementals.

Slightly decreased the size of black's area.
Legendary: Baron Sengir no longer uses a custom model.
Legendary: Increased Baron Sengir's attack damage.
Legendary: Increased radius on Baron Sengir's Intimidation
Legendary: Reduced cooldown on Baron Sengir's Dark Flight.
Legendary: Reduced cooldown on Baron Sengir's Damned Servitude
Legendary: Increased healing done by Baron Sengir's Sacrifice.
Legendary: Sengir Vampires may now be targetted for Sacrifice.
Legendary: Baron Sengir now has a minor passive Lifesteal.
Legendary: Decreased Lim'dul the Necromancer's attack damage.
Spell: Increased sight radius on Terror.
Spell: Dark Ritual removed.
Spell: NEW: Mind Rot - All enemy players are unable to cast spells or summon creatures for 25 seconds.

Artifact: Removed Old Armageddon Clock. Armageddon Zombies are no longer in-game, except the 4 in the middle at the start of the match (now aptly named Deprecated Zombies).
Artifact: Introduced New Armageddon Clock. Equally dangerous, less annoying. Has three abilities, each one like White's "Wrath of God" ability, but increasing in power the more mana is spent.
Artifact: Mana Battery now works while the owner has above 1000 Elemental Mana, down from 5000.
Artifact: All Artifacts can now be walked through by units.
Summon: Doubled the Elemental Mana gain from killing Tier 1, 2 and 3 Spawned units, to improve gamespeed.
Doubled the Elemental Mana gained every 5 seconds, to improve gamespeed.
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