Version 1.47 Released! (20 januari 2009)

Level 22
Jul 18, 2004
Version 1.47 is Complete and Uploaded!


Shivan Dragon Splash damage no longer hits own units.
Radius on Meteor Shower slightly increased.
Dwarven Berzerkers got a make-over.
Increased Firestorm Phoenix HP.

Decreased Mahamoti Djinn damage.
Decreased Mahamoti Djinn HP.
Decreased Storm Elemental damage.
Decreased Wall of Ice's HP.
Increased Legendary: The Unspeakable's Tornado damage versus buildings.
Increased received bonusdamage to 'fake' Illusionary Forces.
SPELL: Repell (Tier 6) is removed.
NEW SPELL: Consuming Vortex (Tier 6) - Spawns a Vortex in the Middle Lands, which kills an enemy creature every few seconds. Creatures consumed by the Vortex give Blue 100 mana and spawn a temporal Ætherplasm.

Increased HP generation of Gaea's Avengers in Tree Form
Increased Gaea's Avenger's (Tree Form) Thorns Aura damage return to 33%, from 25%.
Decreased Caller of the Wild's damage slightly.
Venomous Dragonflies removed. Tier 6 replaced by Argothian Pixies.
New creature: Argothian Pixies. Can fly, has Spell Immunity, Evasion and Phase Shift. Deal more damage than Venomous Dragonflies did to make up for removal of Poison Sting.
Increased Hunting Pack Wolves HP.
Whirlwind graphic changed.
Whirlwind damage slightly increased.
Spider's Web has a much larger cooldown and a slightly shorter duration.
Choking Vines graphic changed.
Abolish Magic is now on a 30 second cooldown.

Increased Stormchaser Eagle damage.
Increased Skyrider Trainee's damage.
Decreased Foriysian Interceptor damage.
Increased "Glory" ability Cooldown on Paladin of Pravh.
Legendary: Radiant, Archangel is now a female, as she should've been.
Legendary: Radiant, Archangel has lost the passive ability "Aura of Courage".
Legendary: Radiant, Archangel now has the ability: "Sanctuary - Saves a target friendly unit from an imminent death, teleporting it to white's lands and healing it. Units under the effects of sanctuary remain stunned until fully healed."

Increased Brutal Nightstalker HP.
Increased Abyssal Nightstalker HP.
Decreased Apprentice Necromancer damage.
Decreased Apprentice Necromancer HP.
Increased Apprentice Necromancer mana regeneration.
Apprentice Necromancers graphic changed.
Legendary: Lim'dul the Necromancer graphic changed.
Increased Terror's movement speed.
Increased Undead Warchief's HP.
Increased the duration of Animate Dead.
SPELL: Intimidate (Tier 6) is removed.
NEW SPELL: Dark Ritual (Tier 3) - Instantly spawns Black's tier 1, 2 and 3 units to their maximum amount, + 25% of that maximum.
SPELL: Terror is moved to Tier 4.
SPELL: Worms of the Earth is moved to Tier 5.
SPELL: Animate Dead is moved to Tier 6.

All tier 7 summoned creatures now have 1 additional bonus armor.
All tier 8 summoned creatures now have 2 additional bonus armor.
Armageddon Zombies's armor reduced.
The maximum number of in-play Armageddon Zombies is decreased.
The maximum number of in-play Tier 1, Tier2 and Tier3 Spawned units is decreased.
The timer between the spawning of spawned units is increased by 2 seconds.
Loading Screen is updated to reflect 1.47 changes.
Glasses of Urza are now immune to spells.

All colors now have the choice between 2 different Legendary Creatures, but still only one Legendary Creature per color may be in play at any given time.

Balthor the Stout
"Concentrated Barbarian", with an ability that can potentially devastate enemy Walls.
Ability 1: Berserker Rage - Increased attack and movement speeds at the cost of taking more damage.
Ability 2: Weapon Barrage - For 3 seconds, numerous hammers and axes ram into enemies surrounding Balthor.
Ability 3: Combat Shouts - Choose between one of 3 possible shouts; Battle Roar, Howl of Terror, or Incapacitating Shout.
Ability 4: Pact of the Titans - Channelled ability in which Balthor controls a Titan Spirit, who can thunderclap and deals extra damage to Walls and Artifacts.

Myojin of Seeing Winds
The counter to red's Myojin of Infinite Rage, a chaotic creature that can inflict massive damage.
Ability 1: Disperse - Splits the Myojin into three chaotic Lightning Orbs, which pulse with Static every second.
Ability 2: Tempest - Surrounds the Myojin with cutting winds, which tear into enemy units and slows them.
Ability 3: Static - Every few seconds, lighting strikes nearby enemy units for 50 damage.
Ability 4: Freezing Orb - Throws an Orb in a line, slowing and damaging units in a wide area around the orb.

Verdeloth the Ancient
A massive strength melee creature, equipped with a large treetruck with which he attacks at a relativly long distance.
Ability 1: Nature's Blessing - Instant AOE heal + Bonus Armor.
Ability 2: Entangled Earth - Channelled interrupting and stunning area of effect.
Ability 3: Uproot - Creates a stationairy lashing root.
Ability 4: Gaea's Blessing - Automatically revives when dying, and spawns Gaea Avengers when it falls.

Jareth, Leonine Titan
Light's champion in the stronghold of darkness. An Agility hero with devastating abilities, as well as a dedicated regeneration skill.
Ability 1: Meditation - An area of effect heal, which can be toggled on and off.
Ability 2: Prey on the Plains - Slows an enemy unit, who'll be attacked by numerous Savannah Lions, each lion dealing damage.
Ability 3: Aura of Courage, offering increased movement and attack speeds.
Ability 4: Devastation - A triple dance of blades that wreaks havoc across the enemy lines.

Baron Sengir
The deepest of evils that never sleeps, who can turn any creature into a Sengir Vampire.
Ability 1: Intimidate - Slows and pacifies enemy units in a target area.
Ability 2: Dark Flight - Transforms into a horde of bats, tears through enemy units in a line, and reforms behind them.
Ability 3: Sacrifice - Sacrifices a target Black creature, turning them into a health-restoring Essence. The higher their HP, the longer the essence lasts.
Ability 4: Damned Servitude - Damns an enemy to transform into a Sengir Vampire upon death. The enemy is silenced and suffers damage until its demise.
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