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Various unit and spell guide to Green: The Forest

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Level 5
Jan 13, 2008

Green is a very versatile deck, suited to many different playing styles, from hit and run, to stand and fight.

Creature list:

Here I will list out the names of the creatures that will be used in this guide, and some uses for them, you can refer to the official one by GreyArchon in the stickies.

Gaea's Avenger- Great for blocking enemies from entering you land when the Tree form ability is used.

Caller of the Claw- Useful caster and fighter. its rejuvenation is good for healing any injured units. Bestial Strength is a great buff for units such as Caller of the Hunt, Canopy Dragon and Child of Gaea. This is a very useful unit.

Caller of the Hunt- A great unit when paired up with your legendary creature, the Caller of the Hunt is a very useful hit and run unit.

Canopy Dragon- Excellent offensive unit with the ability to trample land units around it. Trample wont effect legendary or wizards.

Child of Gaea- One of the best units in the game IMO, this creature can take a beating and it can also deal out a beating. With its war club, regeneration and Gaea's Embrace ability he is an unstoppable force.

Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
- Legendary creature, capable of summoning many powerful creatures. This hero is great at augmenting any army, and should be a mid to late game summon.

Various Strategies:

Hidden Path Stratagy: There are a few strategies that can be used with this spell, but there are two I found most useful. One strategy was getting the maximum amount of Child of Gaeas, each equipped with the war club ability, and sending them to a players base when either (A) the players army is inside the base and you are about to attack them, or (B) when the army is outside the base and you want to kill there wizard.

(A) This is a useful move for many reasons. Child of Gaeas are very strong tanks. They can take a heavy beating and can dish out a beating. But, they are huge, and therefor can block your main army if you attacking a position in where the battle will be a bit tight, such as reds base. Another benefit of doing this move is that there will not be any army defending any towers, so your main army can kill them with ease. I would suggest using Stream of Life with this strategy.

(B) When Children of Geas are equipped with trees through the war club ability, they receive a damage bonus and a anti-hero attack. Equip them all, and then get 1 Caller of the Claw in bear form, and use the bestial strength ability. Send all your CoG (Children of Gaea) to the other base and aim the shit outa the wizard. If the player sends his army back to defend the wizard, let the Stone Kavu's fight them, and keep your CoG attacking the wizard. Wizard should be dead very quickly. I suggest using the Stream of Life spell with this strategy.

Other Strategies with Hidden Path:

Sending half your army through the portal and the other half attacking from the front: This strategy is good, but I don't like to use it. It spits your army, and keeps your enemies army together. Could be useful in some circumstances.

Sending all your units through the portal: A good strategy, but now there is a cool down when you send the units through the portal, so your units might get over run before you can get your whole army into the enemies base.

Choking Vines:
an Excellent spell to use, it will often give enemies negative armor. Use it when enemies are attacking your towers and when you are fighting a large battle in mid. Don't use it when attacking someone, because it will not help.

Hunting Pack:
Great spell to use just before attacking someone. Will allow your tire 1 wolfs to be able to take a few more hits before they die.

More to come!
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