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Red Strategy: Secrets from the creator.

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
If you play red, never stop attacking. If you're gathering an army of spawned creatures, keep on sending your normal units to fight. Use the "Basic Creatures Only" switch on your Mass Attack creature to do just this.

Did you know that with proper unit control, a group of Ball Lightnings are the single most devastating creature group in the game?

Despite their Infernalish appearance, Magma Giants are amazing anti-air creatures.

Unguarded Artifacts fall easily to just a handful of cheap Goblin Grenadiers.

Shivan Sandmages's Giant Strength combined with the spell: Gratuituous Violence turns red creatures into a tidal wave of power and blood.


Strategy 1: Hill Giants and Ball Lightning.
If there ever was a complimentary combination of creatures, it was the Hill Giant and Ball Lightning. For its' manacost, the Giant soaks up a ridiculous amount of damage. Likewise, for its' manacost, Ball Lightning has the potential to deal massive damage. A group of these combined creatures, with proper use of Taunt and moving Ball lightnings back to safety, can decimate the opponent early on.

Strategy 2: Magma Giants and Shivan Sandmages
Further in the game, when all colors got their big guns out, you want to look at combining Magma Giants, Shivan Sandmages and Gratutuous Violence. Get a decent number of both and cast Violence. The immense power of the Magma Giant, combined with the Sandmage's buff, destroys any land or air offense. Watch out for defensive walls and use your sandmages' Earthquakes to destroy them.
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