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RED: The Mountain

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004

The Mountain, a beacon of power and freedom, where each fall of a hammer is met with the clash of thunder. To play Red you must be offensive, take initiative, and relentless at attempting to achieve your goals.

Brassclaw Orc
Mid-ranged attack creature.
Renegade Warlord
Mounted melee attack creature.
Furnace Whelp
Flying attack creature.

Goblin Grenadier
Goblin Grenadiers cannot attack, but can self-detonate to deal damage in a target area. The damage is much higher versus enemy walls and artifacts.
Lavacore Elemental
Lavacore Elementals are powerful mid-ranged attack creatures, especially in numbers. Has the Bolt of Magma ability, which briefly stuns a target enemy creature.
Ball Lightning
Supreme AOE ranged creature, but with Low HP. Has the Red Lightning ability, which causes its lightning attack to strike multiple enemy creatures.
Hill Giant
Fat Tank creature. Has Taunt and Layer of Fat, which has a high chance to greatly reduce damage done to it.
Shivan Sandmage
Powerful ranged caster creature which can cast Earthquake and Giant Strength, which boosts a friendly unit's attack and movement speeds.
Firestorm Phoenix
Flying creature which burns nearby enemy air creatures. Has Phoenix Fire and Reincarnation.
Magma Giant
Collosal creature which a lot of HP and a powerful anti-air attack. Also has Immolation.
Shivan Dragon
Powerful Flying Creature with an AOE-attack, Breath of Fire and Devour.

Myojin of Infinite Rage - Legendary (Ranged) (Agility) Creature
Ability 1: Wall of Fire. Creates a Wall of Fire in a target area, causing heavy damage to all enemy units standing within it as long as the wall keeps burning.
Ability 2: Blazing Flare. Once cast, heavy AOE damage to closeby enemy units is dealt as long as it's channeled.
Ability 3: Incinerate. Adds stacking damage to Myojin's attacks, as well as causing the affected unit explode upon death, causing AOE damage.
Ability 4: Rage Division. Causes Myojin to explode, dealing damage and slowing enemy units nearby. 6 Pieces of rage are left behind. Should at least one Divided Rage remain near the end of the timer, Myojin is reformed.

Magnetic Mountain
Raises a Magnetic Mountain in the middle of the map, causing all units to attack the Middle.
Hammer of Bogardan
Instantly kills a number of enemy units in the middle.
Dwarven Armory
Creates 2 defensive Dwarven Bomb Squads near the entrance to the Mountain. In addition, Dwarven Berserkers will spawn alongside Red's normal spawns. Dwarven Berserkers have Berserk. Bomb Squads have Flame-infused Shrapnel, which deals extra damage to Forest creatures.
Relentless Assault
Creates numerous Relentless Plague Rats, Relentless Serpent Warriors, Renegade Warlords, Furnace Whelps and Dwarven Catapults in the middle for each enemy color in play, which then proceed to attack that color's land. Relentless Plague Rats and Serpent Warriors are more powerful than their Black spawn counterparts. Dwarven Catapults can only attack enemy walls and artifacts. Dwarven Catapults have timed life.
Meteor Shower
Calls down a Meteor Shower in the middle, dealing very heavy damage to enemy units standing within.
Gratuitous Violence
Gives all of Red's creatures currently in play the Gratuitous Violence ability, which increases their attack damage by 50%.
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