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Multicolor Creatures and Artifacts

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
Multicolor Creatures and Artifacts are available to each color.
They add their own strengths to each playstyle.

Multicolor creatures are summoned by moving your Multicolor Creature Summoner to their appropriate beacon in the top-right of the map. You can only have a maximum of 3 of each Multicolor Creature at any given time (2 for Glasses of Urza, 9 for Hellhole Rats).

Artifacts are created by moving your wizard to their beacon in the middle of the map.

Artifacts appear infront of your lands. This means they can be pretty vulnerable.

Multicolor Creatures
Glasses of Urza
You have 2 Glasses of Urza, right from the start of the match. They can fly, are invisible and can see invisible units. Should both of them die, two new ones will spawn inside your Land. They cannot be summoned like the other Multicolor Creatures can. At level 10, your Wizard gains an ability to quickly summon your Glasses of Urza to him.

Gaea's Skyfolk
Green + Blue creature. This is a land creature with Faerie Fire and a powerful melee attack at first, but when the ability "Take Flight" is used, it transforms into a Flying creature with a weak ranged attack. However, while flying she has an Aerial Control aura, which greatly lowers the attack damage of enemy flying units. More importantly, it has the Freezing Winds ability, which freezes enemy walls and artifacts into solid blocks of ice, disabling their attack. While flying, the ability "Fly no more" may be used so the Gaea's Skyfolk can become a land melee creature again.

Hellhole Rats (x3)
Black + Red creature. A tiny and quick melee creature with a 50% evasion, a rapid powerful attack, and a powerful immolation. Perfect for attacking many smaller units with.

Firemane Angel
Red + White creature. A ranged creature with low HP but incredible HP regeneration. Can cast Soul Burn and Fierce Protection, which temporarily renders nearby friendly units invulnerable. More importantly, its ability "Life Transfer" is the most powerful healing ability in the game, save for Radiant's Pillar of Light. Life Transfer is channeled.

Vulturous Zombie
Green + Black creature. A ranged flying creature with a powerful attack, Devour Magic, and the Natural Vampirism ability, which causes his attack damage to be buffed while each attack steals life from the enemy, for a short while.

Crystalline Sliver
Blue + White creature. Evasive and powerful melee creature with Slow, Phase Shift, and Blink. Confuses enemies by leaving behind illusionairy doubles whenever it blinks or shifts.

Metathran Transport
Blue + Neutral creature. A flying creature without an attack. It can carry land creatures through the air.

Armageddon Clock
While the Armageddon Clock is ticking, Armageddon Zombies with a powerful anti-hero attack spawn in enemy Lands. The Armageddon Clock has an Unholy Aura.

Mana Battery
Greatly increases Elemental mana generation for the owner, as long as it lives. The Mana Battery has Brilliance Aura.

Serpent Generator
Adds Generated Serpent Warriors to the owners normal spawn as long as it lives. These Serpent Warriors are not affected by spells such as Wrath of God. The Serpent Generator has Trueshot Aura.

Mirror Universe
As long as Mirror Universe survives, enemies killing creatures of the owner will find they receive less mana than usual for each kill, while the owner of the Mirror Universe gets a small mana refund for said kill. Mirror Universe has Thorns aura.
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