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GREEN: The Forest

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004

The forest, full of hidden wonder and lurking danger. Impenetrable to those who do not know the way, yet a giving and forgiving home to those who do. To play Green you must know your enemy, and be tranquil yet defensive.

Dire Wolf
Basic melee attack creature. Changes into a powerful Hunting Pack Wolf when the spell Hunting Pack is cast.
Shanodin Dryad
Ranged creature. Can cast Abolish Magic.
Giant Spider
Melee creature. Can cast Web.

Gaea's Avenger
Melee creature that can change into a tree. While a tree, it is hard to kill, cannot attack, cannot move, and has a powerful Thorns aura.
Caller of the Claw
Melee creature that can change into a Bear. While in humanoid form, it can cast Rejuvination. While in Bear form, it can cast Bestial Strength, which increases the attack damage of nearby units.
Giant Dustwasp
Slow-moving Flying anti-wall / anti-artifact creature. Cannot attack other air creatures. Attacks walls and artifacts at a long range. Has Demolish and Cause for Haste, which drops defense for a temporary movement speed boost.
Cloudcrown Oak
Powerful Anti-Air melee creature. Attacks air creatures with a powerful ranged attack. Has Aerial Wrath, causing his anti-air attack to splice in three, and can cast Eat Tree to regain health.
Caller of the Hunt
Long-ranged creature. Can cast Poison Arrow.
Venomous Dragonfly (x3)
These tiny creatures are immune to magic spells and attacks. Has Poison Sting and Evasion, but low HP.
Canopy Dragon
Powerful Land Melee Creature. Has Pulverize and can cast Trample, which stuns enemy land creatures nearby.
Child of Gaea
Immense creature with incredible HP. Can cast Regeneration, which restore HP as long as it isn't being hit. Can cast War Club, which uproots a tree to give him increased range, and an anti-hero attack. Has the Gaea's Embrace ability, which causes him to spawn 3 Stone Kavu's upon death. His size is so great, that his melee attack can hit enemy air creatures.

Jolrael, Empress of Beasts - Legendary (Ranged) (Agility) Creature
Ability 1: Wolf Pack. Summons Father Wolf, a powerful wolf creature with Aura of Hunger, which causes friendy land creatures to restore HP when hitting an enemy. Also spawns numerous Dire Wolves.
Ability 2: Summon Sabretooth Cobra. Summons a Sabretooth Cobra, a spitting snake with a slow poison ranged attack.
Ability 3: Call of the Crows. Calls numerous crows to soar through the skies around Jolrael, pecking at enemy creatures and restoring Jolrael's HP upon return.
Ability 4: Change Mounts. Changes Jolrael's Mount to a giant Flying Owl. While on an Owl, Jolrael cannot be targetted by melee attacks. Her Arctic Battlecat will fight solo, with a powerful melee attack and Devotion Aura.

Stream of Life
AOE healing for green creatures across the entire map.
Hidden Path
Creates hidden paths in the back of the Forest, giving Green creatures a secret route to the backs of enemy lands.
Choking Vines
Creates Choking Vines in the Middle and in the Forest, heavily debuffing enemy creature movement speed, attack speed, and armor.
Living Lands
Creates numerous Protectors within the Forest, as well as a powerful defensive Spiketree near the Forest entrance.
Creates a Whirlwind in the Forest, which gradually destroys all air creatures nearby.
Hunting Pack
Summons a powerful Great Cat Beast with Bestial Strength and Aura of Courage. Also changes all current Dire Wolves under Green's command into powerful Hunting Pack Wolves.
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